Friday, 29 November 2013

Christmas Jumper Hype

I've never been a fan of Christmas jumpers. Maybe that's because I don't see the point in spending all that money when you can only wear one month a year. This year, however, I've seen plenty that I wouldn't mind purchasing. Here are a few subtle jumpers for those of you who prefer a quieter Christmas jumper.


Thursday, 28 November 2013

A Lush Review - So White

So guys. I think I've been a bit of an idiot. I brought this, thinking it was So White - I got back to the hotel and the guy had labelled it as Dragons Egg. I didn't mind so much as I love Dragons Egg but I reaaaaaaally wanted So White. 

So last week I used this beauty and thought; I'm pretty sure this isn't Dragons Egg. Just been onto the Lush site and I'm preeeeeetty certain, it's So White. DE goes a rustic, browny, orange colour whereas this little pretty is a rose coloured pink. Anyway, ramble over, here's what I thought.

What does Lush say?

So White has a crisp and delicate apple fragrance and will create a beautiful rose coloured bath. After its white outside layer dissolves, the secret pink centre will slowly fizz and bubble. Bicarb will soften your bathwater and the fresh apple fragrance will waft up through the steam helping you to feel calm and peaceful.

I have to say, I really loved this bomb. I love apple scents and this smelt beautiful. As soon as it touched the water, the bubbles came. In case you didn't know, I'm a huge bubble fan and I love lying in an overly bubble filled bath. I don't think there are THAT many Lush bombs that give you a lot of bubbles, but this one certainly does. It turns your water a stunning rose coloured pink which I strangely loved, though I'm not a pink person, at all. 

This is quite a big bomb, so £3.25 is a pretty good price in my opinion! I definitely want to get myself another one of these before they go out of stock!

Have you used this bomb? What did you think?

- Charli, xo

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Avon Bubble Bath

Well hello there;

I don't know if I've mentioned this to you guys, but I'm actually an Avon Representative. I've been working for the company since August and I really enjoy it. How have I not reviewed anything Avon yet?! To be honest I don't buy a lot of their cosmetics, I usually spend all my money on their nail products (which aren't actually that amazing, but what can I say, I'm a nail addict). One thing I do adore from Avon, is their bubble bath. I purchase a bottle with literally every order, maybe this is another addiction? I don't know. I'm starting to realise I have an addictive personality... 

I couldn't find a picture with the most recent scents and my iPhone pictures are damn awful and not fit for blogging eyes, so here are some of the past ones. Strawberry Sorbet is a favourite of mine which I've just finished (they actually still stock this one). The two I have at the moment are Apple Blossom and Warm Fig & Vanilla. Both of these are stunning scents and what I love about these products is that the smell isn't over-powering. I used the Apple Blossom yesterday and it was just beautiful. The packaging is 'bumpy' as you can see and I usually use two of those bumps in one bath, if that makes any sense? So one bottle lasts around 5/6 baths, depending on how much you feel like using. I really do recommend these, especially if you have sensitive skin (there is a special 'sensitive' bottle) as they're not over-bearing, you leave the bath feeling SUPER smooth and I haven't been disappointed with a single bottle and they are constantly bringing out new scents which leave your skin smelling amazing.

They're priced at £5 a bottle but in every Avon brochure I've ever read, they're ALWAYS on offer for £1.99 - so I see no reason why you shouldn't treat yourselves.

Have you used these? What's your favourite scent?

- Charli, xo

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Christmas Gifts - Under £10

I've already given you an idea of what I want for Christmas, a shortened down version of my literal never-ending list. So, today I thought I would take the time to give you some gift ideas for your loved ones. Now, I love Christmas shopping. I love spending time to pick out little gifts for each of my friends, who are all COMPLETELY different and taking the time to sit and wrap them all up, not-so beautifully. But, every year, I really struggle to find gifts! I always feel like I'm repeating myself! So today I've had a little hunt for you. These four gifts are under £10 for those of you who aren't wanting to spend a lot, or even just want Secret Santa ideas. God, I ramble so much, here we go;

These ideas are for the ladies, I'll be doing a separate gift guide for guys so keep your eyes peeled for that!

OPI Nail Varnish - Me being the nail varnish addict that I am, OPI had to be on this list. At this time of year, there are so many brands releasing cheaper gift sets and they're the perfect cheap present for someone who loves having pretty nails, which is pretty much every girl I know! I love this OPI colour and it's on Amazon for £8.99

Simple Skin Minis - This is the perfect kind of gift for someone just getting into skincare (like me, hinthint) and at £4.50 it is an actual bargain. Simple is a really good brand in my opinion, especially for lovelies who suffer with sensitive skin but still want to be able to use skincare products. 

Fearne Kiss and Tell Lip Crayons - Lip crayons seem to have taken over the world recently and most cost around £5 for just one, so Christmas is the perfect time to pick up a bargain. This set is £10 at Boots and you get a set of 4. I've never tried any of the Fearne products, but these colours look lovely!

Yankee Candle - I just had to stick a Yankee in here. As you know I have a current obsession with candles, but even though I'm bias, they really are a nice, different Christmas gift. Rather than going into the shops, have a look on eBay because they're aaaalways cheaper! eBay - £14.99

So there are just a few ideas. I know there is only 4, not a massive help, but hopefully it will inspire you to find your own 'under £10' pretties! 

What do you want for Christmas?

- Charli, xo

Monday, 25 November 2013

A Lush Review - Father Christmas

I've decided it's pretty much December so I'm cracking Christmas out. Whilst in Edinburgh, I brought A LOT of Lush products, they were initially for other people but once I sat down and sorted through what I'd purchased, I realised it was all pretty much for me. Oops. 

Well. This bomb really surprised me! I definitely want to re-purchase this before Christmas is over!

What do Lush say?

How do you mix red, pink and green without coming up with brown?
Easy! Drop a Father Christmas bath bomb into a hot bath and watch his white beardy face dissolve into a gentle pink fizz, then marvel as the bold green colour of Christmas trees and traditional wrapping paper tints your bathwater, and the warm, citrusy scent of oranges rises on the steam.
I don't really like the description of this, it doesn't really tell you very much. Although it is a warm, citrusy smell (which I don't usually like, may I point out) I don't instantly think, ORANGES. I'm awful at describing scents but this does smell gorgeous and I brought one of these for my friend for her Secret Santa (no Sian, not you). I fully expected this bomb to turn my bath red and was ready to chillax in a warm, rustic bath but OH, it's green! I loved it, I genuinely sat there with my mouth open loving every second. (As you can probably tell, I don't get out much). 
Another plus in my books is that this bomb is MASSIVE. And at £3.25, is a brilliant price, especially seeing as you get two different colours, quite a few bubbles (for a while) and it smells like a citrus heaven. Apparently last year it had glitter? Well I'm glad that's been removed because I dislike the glitter filled bombs. I'm in a bath, trying to get clean. I don't wanna be stepping out looking like a disco queen, sorry Lush.
I'll definitely be popping out to get a couple more of these and shall be saving them for next year!

Have you used this bomb? What did you think?

- Charli, xo

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Christmas List

Christmas Wishlist

Ohhhh Santaaaaa, now it's getting colder, I'm really starting to get into the Christmas spirit. These are just a few of the things on my (never-ending) Christmas List.

Viva la Juicy Couture Noir - I've wanted this ever since I got a sample in one of my Glossybox. This is kind of a cheat choice as I know I've already got this off my man ;) he's so well trained it's unreal. Under £40 in most fragrance stores.

GHD's - I do not own a pair of straighteners. I use either my mum's or Stuart's, so I think it's about time I had a pair of my own! These are under £90 on Amazon, and with the Christmas money I've had off the man's mother, I'll be purchasing a pair of these beauties!

Fräulein Pro Brushes - I still don't own a set of make-up brushes and these have had really good reviews. They're under £10 on Amazon and have been in my wishlist for months - so if anyone I love is reading this, I WANT THESE, kthx.

Black Patent Block Heel Boots - I saw these in Edinburgh and stupidly I tried them on. And then I instantly fell in love, obviously. What kind of idiot is the boyfriend to let me try a pair of shoes on, will he ever learn? Anyway. These are £38 from River Island and I might end up just buying these for myself before Christmas, but they're on my list anyway.

Yankee Candle - Black Cherry - I've recently been buying Yankee Tarts and little Yankees on eBay and really want a nice big one to just plonk somewhere. Black Cherry sounds amazing and these are under £15 from one of my favourite eBay sellers. GOGOGO.

And there you have it, just a few of the things I've been lusting after recently. What's on your Christmas List? Let me know in the comments box! 

- Charli, xo

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Elegant Touch - Rapid Dry for Nails

Hello my little pumpkins;

One of the first products I tried from my Glossybox this month was; Elegant Touch - Rapid Dry for Nails. I'm constantly re-doing my nails and I usually spend forever waiting for them to dry so I was really intrigued and excited after seeing this in my box.

Now, I've never used a nail drying product before, unless using a hair dryer counts? No? Didn't think so. So this was a first for me and boy, does this product do exactly what it says on the can. It really lives up to it's claims and dries my nails in 60 seconds (I timed it, like a saddo) and gives them a really shiny, glossy finish. It's a definite must have if you never have the time to sit and spend ages on your nails, but still want them to look pretty and smudgeless, if that's even a word. 

One downside is that it does make your fingers/hands look a little greasy and I have read others complain about this, but the simple thing to do would be to make sure your nails are completely dry and then softly pat your fingers dry with a towel/tissue - problem solved.

There isn't much else to say on this, other than I'll be re-purchasing it once I've used it up. It's a cheap as chips bargain, pricing at about £3 in Boots, Superdrug and even New Look - what else could we ask for in a product?!

What are your views on this product?

- Charli, xo

Monday, 18 November 2013

Okay, so I'm back.

Hi Guys,

Okay, so after about a week away from blogging, I'm back. I'm really disappointed that I failed the #BEDN challenge, but as you know, I had good reason so I'm classing it as a bloody good attempt. Last week was a SERIOUSLY busy week and in all fairness, I did sit down a few times and start a few blog posts but I had a real bad case of 'bloggers block.' Not sure if that's because I was pretty darn stressed, what with my kit deciding to get himself attacked by a dog, then not moving out of my arms for 3 days flat, then not eating, then refusing to take tablets - or whether I did genuinely have no clue what to write about.

I also spent from Thursday to last night, in Edinburgh. My plan was to schedule posts for whilst I was away, but again, things just kept getting in the way. In the end, I decided to give myself a week off and go away to Edinburgh, letting the last few months slip to the back of mind. But now, I'm back. And oh, have I got plans for you guys! I spent a lot, more than a lot, of money in Edinburgh and I FINALLY treated myself to some high end make-up! I'm not telling you what I brought today, you'll have to wait and see! But I have quite a few exciting posts coming up, including one about my weekend in Scotland. Also, I'm gonna force myself to do more reviews! I started this out as a beauty blog and lately it has become more life based, which I don't mind to much, (I love to ramble, as you can tell) but I do want to get back to what I enjoy most, make-up and more make-up! So, keep your eyes peeled!

Anyway, I think I've babbled on enough. Basically, stay tuned, because I'm back and I have plans!

- Charli, xo

Friday, 15 November 2013

#BEDN - Favourite Folk

So this morning I'm going to take the time to share a few of my favourite blogs! I was originally going to post about my favourite people at home - but they're all boring ;) so I'm going to show you some of my new addictions. 

Now I can't talk about my favourite blogs without mentioning my bestie. I've not chosen her because she's the love of my life, I do genuinely adore her blog. It's all beauty based with a couple of life posts thrown in the mix. Her way of writing is so down to Earth and she doesn't give a product a good review just because she thinks that is what people will what to hear. Go and follow her now, or bad things will happen.

Some of you may already be following this beautiful lady as she seems to be pretty well known, but I have become addicted to her blog recently so just had to give her a mention. Her blog is beauty based but she talks about budget beauty as well as high end, which I adore, because I am a pauper and cannot afford most beautiful, expensive things. She also lives in Nottingham, like me! She posts daily which is awesome as I love having something to read on the bus in a morning! Also, you will want to buy everything she posts about, just so you know. 

Now, everybody knows Louise. She was one of the first blogs I started to read, I'm also addicted to BOTH of her YouTube channels - Sprinkle of Glitter and Sprinkle of Chatter - check them out, NOW! Her blog is a bit of everything, I adore her Darcy posts (Baby Glitter) and always look forward to what she's going to post about next. After watching literally every single video she's ever posted, apart from being totally in love with her (fan girl over here) I feel like I know her. Is that weird? It's weird, isn't it? But anyway, she's one of my favourites!

Suzie is a new blog that I've been following, she also has a YouTube channel Hello October which I love because her videos are around 5 minutes long and I have the attention span of a flea. Her blog is beauty based and I adore her skin care posts (she is the one who inspired me to actually start a skincare routine). She also posts some beautiful pictures! 

So there you have it, my four favourite folk of the month. I'm thinking I might make this kind of post a monthly deal, then you guys can see who I'm stalking, right? 

What blogs are you addicted to? 

- Charli, xo

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

#BEDN - Spending Addiction.

So apparently this month I've developed a spending addiction. Where this money has come from, I really don't know. I've been spending money as if it grows on trees. Somebody please stop me, not even joking. I'd prepare yourselves for another post like this and whoooole lotta reviews because I go to Edinburgh on Thursday and I plan on spending until I am bankrupt. There is honestly no better feeling than holding so many shopping bags that your arms are starting to rip away from your shoulders. Getting home and getting everything out the bags, admiring each purchase for at least 37 minutes, then putting them in their place in your house. I realise I sound like a mad woman, but I can guarantee that there will be some ladies reading this thinking 'I hear ya sister!' And to those woman I say, shopping is life, life is shopping.

I also have an addiction to nail products. I walked into Superdrug for an advent calender and walked out with a new Rimmel 60 Second and MUA Nail Beads. And no advent calender. These 9 purchases are just from the last 2 weeks. Some seriously needs to stop me, take away my purse or lock me away before I do myself some harm. 

Also in the picture is my Glossybox which I have to say, I am raaaate impressed with this month! I didn't really review anything from my last box because, well, it was shit. Excuse my French, but it was. So keep your eyes peeled for some product reviews :) 

Also my new boots! Technically my boy brought me these, so I can't be shouted at. And also, the sequin dress is my Christmas party dress, so that purchase was allowed!

So basically, I need to be stopped.

What's your addiction?

- Charli, xo

Monday, 11 November 2013

#BEDN - Sad news.

So, I've technically failed the #BEDN challenge, as I didn't post yesterday, but I have a seriously valid reason;

On Saturday night, around 8:30pm, my beautiful little Bengal came into the house with a chewed up tail, wet to the bone from the rain and a bloody mouth. It was one of, if not thee, worst experiences of my life. I wrapped him up in a towel and we rushed him to the emergency vets where he was operated on. He had to have his tail (bar 2 inches) amputated and wire stitches in his mouth to hold the bottom of his jaw together. We still have no idea what happened, but to me, it looks like he's had a run in with a dog. There is an Akita a few doors down from us that has already attacked one cat, so whether that is what has happened, we're never going to know.

He came home yesterday about 1pm and he is a completely different cat. He jumps at every noise, he is silent, he stares into space and picking him up is like picking up a rag doll. It's like he's in a trance. I'm really hoping that over the next few days I can coax him out of this shell he's put himself in and bring back the naughty kitten I had before.

So as you can imagine, yesterday I had no time to blog whatsoever. I have some time today whilst at University, so hopefully I can schedule a few over the next couple of days. But seeing as I go to Edinburgh on Thursday until Sunday, I want to spend every possible second with my boy.

I know some of you will think, 'oh he's just a cat' but he is my world and I love him with all my heart.

Saturday, 9 November 2013

#BEDN - Silence.

I have literally no time to do a proper post today, 12 hour shifts are not nice :( but here are a few pictures I've found recently! I did not take any of these! I found them on Tumblr :) 

- Charli, xo

Friday, 8 November 2013

#BEDN - Yankee Candle Tarts

I don't know about you, but I love blogs that talk about cheaper products AND tell you where to get them from. I recently became addicted to eBay, and found a shop called 'thisstuffonline' which sells pretty much EVERYTHING. They also sell a lot of Yankee Candle things, in soooo many scents. Now, my mum is a candle obsessive and has kindly passed that annoying trait on to me. I don't own many, as I don't have a house to put them in and it's already a struggle to get in my bedroom without planting candles all around it. But I decided to treat myself to some Yankee Tarts. And when I found them for 99p yes, you heard right, I had to get myself some. I decided if I didn't like the scents, I'd give them to my mum for Christmas. Win-win, right?

I'm a massive Vanilla fan, so thought I'd try Vanilla Lime, Vanilla Chai and Mandarin Cranberry. I'm not so keen on the Vanilla Chai so the mother will probably be getting that one, whether she likes it or not, but the other two smell a-mazing. I don't even want to open them, is that sad? I think this may be the start of a candle hoarding obsession.

The shop also sells sets and all the bigger Yankee candles, so after a few more of these cuties I'm going to treat myself to something bigger. Maybe I could save them all for when I get my own house in a year or so.. Or maybe I could just use them all up now.

I'd also just like to mention, being the idiot that I am, I accidentally paid for postage 3 times on these. I messaged the shop just letting them know they could put all the candles into one package, not expecting any refunds as it was my own fault, but the guy that messaged back was bloody lovely and refunded two lots of postage. I'll definitely be buying from them again!

thisstuffonline - gogogo!
Do you know any good, cheap candle sites? All recommendations are welcome!

Thursday, 7 November 2013

#BEDN - 10 Things

I wasn't going to do this post as I thought it would be too similar to my 'Introductions' post, but then I thought it would be fun to set myself the challenge of attempting to write 10 things about me. Some of these things I will have mentioned, others I won't have. Here goes; 

1) I am obsessed with 'The Sims'. Not so much Sims 1, but Sims 2 and 3, I have every expansion pack. I've said previously I'm a nerd, so do not say you weren't warned. Next year, Sims 4 comes out and no matter how much it costs, I will be having it. Watch this space. 

2) I love baking - but I am awful at it. I have several cookery books, of which I have probably used less than 5 times. I wish I had more patience and could create beautiful little cupcakes or things with the word 'creme' in them. But I don't and I can't. Sad times. 

3) I'm afraid of pretty much everything; the dark, spiders, the future. Everything.

4) Following on from 3, I have panic attacks in my sleep. I've never had one during awake hours but at night, occasionally the boy has to wake me up because I'm hyperventilating, or punching him in an attempt to get him to wake me up. Not nice.

5) I am the eldest of 3, I have a younger brother and a younger sister. 

6) I am terrible at all sports.

7) Funnily enough, I actually love swimming and the gym. I love running (granted I am awful at it, again proving number 6) but I feel amazing after a good gym work out or swimming session.

8) I love children. Up until the age of about 7 and then I'm pretty sure an evil switch is turned on in their brains. I cannot wait to have my own family and have little Charli's running round. (Oh, God).

9) I'm seriously claustrophobic.

10) Since I started this blog, I have been a much happier, more positive person. Even though not many people may read my posts, I'm enjoying having a place where I can come and write pretty much whatever I feel like writing.  

(One of my all-time favourite films, that reminds me of this post)
10 Things I Hate About You

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

#BEDN - The Skincare Post;

As most of you know, I'm a newbie to the world of beauty. Well, not a newbie, but I don't have much experience in doing anything other than slapping on a bit of mascara and foundation. If I'm being totally honest, I'm also a newbie to skincare. Apart from make-up wipes, I do nothing for my skin and then I wonder why it's always so awful.

I have combination skin. It gets really, really oily so sometimes I steer clear of products because I'm worried it will make my skin even more greasy. But a lot of the time, my T-Zone is seriously dry and especially in my eyebrows (does anyone else have this problem?! Please let me know!).

So after doing a bit of research and watching a few YouTube skincare routines, I decided to start an evening routine. I have NO time in a morning at the moment to do anything except wipe off the excess make-up that wasn't taken off the night before, so I'm leaving mornings for now.

Simple Moisturising Facial Wash - I have used Simple products before, I have one of their moisturisers that I'm not currently using. I picked this up because my usual 'routine' is; take make-up off with make-up wipes, bed. Occasionally slap on a bit of moisturiser. I don't even wash my face (apart from in the bath/shower), how bad is that?! So I chose this because I have quite sensitive skin and although it's oily, it doesn't take a lot to dry it out, so I wanted something that wouldn't irritate my skin. You're supposed to use this twice a day, but like I say I've only been using it in the evening and to be honest, I think once a day is enough.

The Body Shop, Aloe Calming Facial Cleanser & Aloe Calming Toner- I have never used a cleanser or a toner in my life and there are way too many to choose from. Why can't shops just make it easy for me and either tell me what to use, or just give me a choice of like, 2 things. But anyway, I walked into The Body Shop for a specific make-up remover and came out with these. The lady in the shop helped me out and told me I was supposed to use the cleanser first, followed by the toner (which I did actually know, but I let her ramble on) and that if I have sensitive skin, Aloe would probably be best for me. I haven't heard many people mention The Body Shop, which is a shame because I actually really like their products and they have a HUGE skincare range that I don't think people even know about.

So, those were the 3 products I picked up to start off my evening routine. I didn't want to start applying too many things at once and irritate my skin or make it any worse than it actually is. So I use the face wash, followed by the cleanser and toner and I'm not using a moisturiser at the moment. I'd just like to mention, that I've done this only 3 nights in a row so far and I have already noticed a massive difference. My skin has literally never been so soft, and my spots have started clearing up straight away and I honestly think that is JUST because my make-up is being removed properly, rather than being smeared all over my face with a wipe. I do still use wipes for my eyes because I get a bit funny about putting stuff on or around my eyes.

Woah, this was longer than I wanted it to be! I will be giving you an update in about a month to let you know whether these worked long-term or whether I'm wanting to try something else! Or add something else!

What skincare products do you use/recommend?

- Charli, xo

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

#BEDN - Bonfire Night

So, we are only five days into November, but I can already say this month is going to be one of my favourite months of 2013, if not the best. I have so much planned, I literally don't think I'm going to have a chance to just stop and take it all in. 

As you all know, tonight is Bonfire Night or Guy Fawkes Night, whichever you prefer to call it. Basically it is the night where the sky is filled with beautiful lights and the air smells like toffee apples and burning bonfires. It is one of my all time favourite 'holidays' but unfortunately this year, as with Halloween, I will be sat at home in my pyjamas  This is probably the first year in a great number that I have done nothing for Bonfire Night. But there just isn't much happening round here! 

So I am going to make the most of having a moment to stop and think, sit at home and watch the fireworks from my window and make plans for next year. 

(I did not take any of these pictures)

I hope you all have a wonderful evening.

Monday, 4 November 2013

#BEDN - Lush - The Melting Snowman

 (I did have pictures by my Iphone is playing up) 

I was going to save this guy till after Christmas, seeing as he's a 'melting' snowman and would be a good last Christmas Lush post, but he's too cute and I just had to try him out. I've actually only used one bath melt before which was the 'Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment' which I adored because it smelt like, well, marshmallows. Beautiful. So anyway, I gave this little guy a go this evening.

What Lush say; 

Exquisitely fragranced with Hot Toddy, a favourite blend from Christmas past containing cinnamon, clove, patchouli, benzoin, lime and sweet wild orange oils. But if it isn’t enough to smell of one of our most popular Christmas fragrance - he’s also got a body made of water softening bicarb of soda, cocoa butter and Shea butter. All these wonderful butters melt into your bath water, leaving you soft and moisturised. His legacy is your great skin, which means he lives on in the memory of all who knew him.

Okay, so this was a bit of a let down. For a Lush product, it is seriously boring. It smells like cinnamon, which I usually like, but this smelt a bit strange. Like gone off cinnamon, if that's even possible.It does smell better once it's in the bath, but initially I wasn't a fan. I'd read a few reviews on this guy, saying that he added a LOT of moisture to your bath water, more so than other bath melts, so I decided to only use his head... Poor guy. It was just the right amount of added moisture, only using a small part of the melt and it did make my skin feel silky smooth, so that is a positive. This is going to sound really stupid, but I wanted the melt to float.. Ridiculous I know but in my mind I just.. Expected it to?! Alas, it didn't and Mr. Snowman's head floated to the bottom of my bath. 
I won't be repurchasing this and to be honest, I probably won't use the rest of the melt, which is a shame. Maybe I'll give it to my sister and just tell her I lost his head... Do you think she'll fall for that? 
Anyway, if you like that little bit of extra moisture in your bath to leave you feeling sexy smooth, then by all means, give a try, I do now have goddess-like legs, but it was just a bit too boring for me, although I'm not much of a bath melt fan anyway!

Have you tried this guy? What's your favourite bath melt?

- Charli, xo

Sunday, 3 November 2013

#BEDN - O.P.I Nail Envy

Oh my Lord, this product is a God send. If you have read previous nail posts on here, you'll know that from being 16 up until about 6 months ago, I was a dedicated falsie wearer. I had my nails done at least once a month and never, ever gave them a break. When I decided that I couldn't afford the habit, I had them taken off (okay, I ripped them off) and attempted to grow my ruined nails. Errrrrrm, no. It was not happening.

A friend of mine reccommended Sally Henson Nail Strengthener and another suggested O.P.I Nail Envy, both of which are usually around £18 in drug stores but I found them online for under £10. I opted for the O.P.I selection and it was honestly one of the best purchases I have ever made.

As you can imagine my nails were vile. They were constantly peeling, snapping, breaking, bending, you name it. They had been destroyed by 6 years of false nails. I was sceptical when I brought Nail Envy but it didn't take long for me to change my mind.
What you do is; apply two coats, then every other day for a week apply one coat, then after a week, start again. They say do it for about 4-6 weeks, but I literally noticed huge differences within a week. If you're not a fan of bare nails, you can also use this as a base coat under other varnishes, or even as a top coat.

After two to three weeks, my nails were the strongest they have ever been. They had stopped peeling, they had stopped breaking and I was no long ashamed of them. They grew so long that I was constantly having to file them down!

Unfortunately, I stopped using it for about 3 months and my nails started to break again and so I brought another bottle (I lost the previous one on holiday) and started again. I've been doing it for two weeks now and they're already looking brilliant.

If you're having nail troubles, I cannot recommend this product enough. It literally saved my nails and I will never go for another product knowing how amazing Nail Envy is. It also comes in a normal sized bottle, rather than a tiny one so it's excellent value for money.

Saturday, 2 November 2013

#BEDN - Daisy Faith Mason - One Month Old

Today Daisy turns one month old! If this is the first post you've read on this little beauty, this is Daisy and she is my dearest friend Sami's little girl so I've taken it upon myself to become her Auntie.

Honestly, where has this month gone?! How time flies. Last week I got the awesome oppertunity to actually see her awake, (all she does is eat and sleep, oh what a life) and she has thee most beautiful, bright blue eyes I think I have ever seen. This month she's met a lot of faces and had a lot of 'firsts'! The big one being, first Halloween! I can't wait for her first Christmas so I can spoil her rotten.

Here are my favourite snaps from her first month;


The next Daisy update will be once she turns 3 months old! Isn't she perfect?!

Friday, 1 November 2013

#BEDN - Introductions

Welcome to November!

Blog Every Day in November is a challenge I found on a lovely little blog - Rosalilium. I thought it would be a really nice way of getting used to blogging more, coming up with more post ideas and meeting other bloggers who have taken up the challenge. I also hope it will inspire me to write more interesting and varied posts and also take more pictures (I'm sooo picture lazy!). If you're interested in taking part, it's not too late! Just pop over to her site and the instructions are right there :) there is also a calender of topics so if you struggle with writers block like I do, they can start you off.

So today's topic is 'Introductions'. I realised that I haven't actually introduced myself on here and my about me section is pretty boring and doesn't tell you much at all, so I'm going to take this time to tell you a few pointless facts!

Okay, so, I am Charli, (Charlotte, yuck!) and this is me..

(Not the best picture, but it is the most recent!)
- I am 22 years young & just in case you were wondering, my birthday is on the 19th March and I'm a present lover. Not that I'm hinting or anything.
- I am currently studying a degree in Animal Science, I already have a Diploma in Animal Management and I have a huge interest in Conservation. I am literally animal mad, which is probably why I'm not much (not at all) of a people person.
- On the subject of animals, at my parents house we have a variety of animals, it's more like a zoo than a home but once I moved in with the boy, we brought ourselves a little Bengal and named him Kasper. Everybody has a 'love' and mine, is my cat.

(I tried to make this picture bigger, but blogger wasn't having any of it.)
- I am a massive nerd and I could happily sit and read for 24 hours a day. I adore fantasy books, (let's be honest, fantasy worlds are a whole lot better than this one) but I will pretty much read anything. I have completely ran out of space in my house for books, yet I keep on buying. People say 'buy a Kindle?!' but it's really not the same as holding a brand new, or favourite old book. The smell is just, I can't even. Yeah, I'm weird.
- I have a boyfriend, he's the love of my life, aww soppy. We've been together almost 3 years now and although I do nothing but moan at him, I wouldn't change him for the world. Maybe for Daryll from Walking Dead, but only maybe.
- You've probably noticed, or maybe you haven't, but I'm a real, real negative person. It is something I'm working on, but I'm probably always going to be grumpy and miserable and I will end up being that old lady shouting at folk for no apparent reason other than the fact I couldn't find matching socks that morning.
- I have 5 tattoos. 4 on my feet, 1 on my Achilles heel, which is dedicated to a favourite book series of mine. Nerd alert! (Told you.) I have plans for more. I'm a massive tattoo lover and I cannot get my head round people that find them offensive. But that is a subject for another post, OOO inspiration! If I had the guts, I would be covered, but I'm just too fussy.

So there you go, 7 boring facts about me for you. To be honest, I'm not an exciting person. Going to Tesco for a big food shop is about as brilliant as my life gets at the moment. There is an adventurer in me, it is just yet to appear.
First post of November done! Are you doing the challenge? Let me know! I'm also posting on Twitter a lot at the moment! Click my button!