Monday, 25 November 2013

A Lush Review - Father Christmas

I've decided it's pretty much December so I'm cracking Christmas out. Whilst in Edinburgh, I brought A LOT of Lush products, they were initially for other people but once I sat down and sorted through what I'd purchased, I realised it was all pretty much for me. Oops. 

Well. This bomb really surprised me! I definitely want to re-purchase this before Christmas is over!

What do Lush say?

How do you mix red, pink and green without coming up with brown?
Easy! Drop a Father Christmas bath bomb into a hot bath and watch his white beardy face dissolve into a gentle pink fizz, then marvel as the bold green colour of Christmas trees and traditional wrapping paper tints your bathwater, and the warm, citrusy scent of oranges rises on the steam.
I don't really like the description of this, it doesn't really tell you very much. Although it is a warm, citrusy smell (which I don't usually like, may I point out) I don't instantly think, ORANGES. I'm awful at describing scents but this does smell gorgeous and I brought one of these for my friend for her Secret Santa (no Sian, not you). I fully expected this bomb to turn my bath red and was ready to chillax in a warm, rustic bath but OH, it's green! I loved it, I genuinely sat there with my mouth open loving every second. (As you can probably tell, I don't get out much). 
Another plus in my books is that this bomb is MASSIVE. And at £3.25, is a brilliant price, especially seeing as you get two different colours, quite a few bubbles (for a while) and it smells like a citrus heaven. Apparently last year it had glitter? Well I'm glad that's been removed because I dislike the glitter filled bombs. I'm in a bath, trying to get clean. I don't wanna be stepping out looking like a disco queen, sorry Lush.
I'll definitely be popping out to get a couple more of these and shall be saving them for next year!

Have you used this bomb? What did you think?

- Charli, xo


  1. This sounds gorgeous and I agree about the glitter! Think I'll have to treat myself to one of these before Christmas, did it stain the bath green at all?

    1. Hii :) I don't remember it staining the bath at all! I had one a few weeks ago, that stained my bath a pee colour! It was gross! But this one is just lovely :) xx


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