Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Travel Diaries // Vegas, Dos

Here we have part two of my Vegas Diaries, the last few pictures in this are pretty bad quality, obviously I was having an off day. The d├ęcor in The Bellagio literally took my breath away, probably because of how large and open and brightly coloured everything is. Definitely one of my peaks of the trip. 

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Travel Diaries // Vegas, Uno

So last month I had the trip of a lifetime. Bear and I jetted off to the wonderful world of Las Vegas. What an experience. It was honestly the best trip yet, by far. Even though I found it extremely overwhelming, after a few days I was in my element. You may have seen my Sephora Haul (if not, get yourself over there) which was just a slice of the excitement I got to experience. I'll be splitting these posts up cause they're gonna be picture heavy. I'd also like to point out that I am definitely not a photographer, all these were taken on my Samsung.

Monday, 9 March 2015

Sephora Haul

If you're a reader of this blog, you'll know that last month I travelled to Vegas with my boyfriend. There will be a full post on this, but I'm still sorting out photos so bear with me. For now, you can have this. I went overboard in Sephora, my first time in the shop and in America so why the hell not?! Buckle down, this is going to be a long one.

Friday, 6 March 2015

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Hello March

Reading // The Letter by Kathryn Hughes I'm only a few chapters into this and I'm already hooked! This cost me £1 on Amazon Kindle (seriously check the deals out) and it's well worth the money. I've also recently read Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn which actually really disappointed me. Maybe I had set my hopes too high? It was just very slow. The film however, was pretty darn good!

Listening to // For Vegas I made myself three playlists; Uno, Dos and Tres. These included a HUGE mixture of artists such as Westlife, Youmeatsix, Jordin Sparks, ADTR and so many more. There's 100 songs in each playlist and I love every song so I don't even need to skip. So basically, I've just been listening to those because there's such a large variety! 

Thinking about // Getting organised! Now I'm back from Vegas, I can bump my saving up and we're also talking about getting the house cleared out and cleaned up ready to begin the selling process at the end of the year. I'm also seriously feeling the love for blogging now I'm back so I'm hoping (even though I say this every month) that I can keep up with it and bang some regular posts out!

Loving // Everything really, I'm feeling really positive at the moment (even though I am currently severely jet lagged whilst writing this) I'm really looking forward to the months ahead. I'm also loving fluffy socks, baggy jumpers and pineapple hair. Seeing as I travelled so much last month, my signature outfit was leggings, baggy jumpers and my hair slapped on top of my head. So comfy and so effortless!

Watching // Still Girls and also Walking Dead is back! I'm also still loving Banana (think it may have finished now but I need to catch up) and it's brother series Cucumber. Also, whilst travelling to and from Vegas, I watched a whoooole lotta films including; Gone Girl, Tammy, The Book of Life, Maze Runner and loads more but I'm too tired to remember and I loved ALL of them!

Looking forward to // The whole of March! It's my birthday (I like candles and cats FYI) and I have a big night out planned and a day of shopping with Bear. It's also my bumpkin's birthday so we traditionally have a spa evening which I am insanely excited about. And last (but defintiely not least) I'm having a day out with my blogging bitches! We're off to Nottingham for an Annie's burger and a round or two of golf. And maybe some shopping. March is going to be good!

What are your plans for the month?

- Charli, xo