Monday, 30 June 2014

Lush // Granny Takes a Dip

Good morning!

After last weeks Honey Bee disaster, it's nice to have a GOOD review on a Lush product! Today we have a little review on something that I have, quite frankly, fallen in love with! This is a new(ish) bomb from Lush and I think the amount of product you get for your money is brilliant. Let's begin, shall we? 

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Lifestyle // Download, 2014 - Part Two

Happy Sunday!

Some more lovely weather for us this week, I feel like Summer is finally here! Anyway, I said I would be doing Download in two parts. So here is the second! 

We made a few friends. The people who camped next to us (a man, his step-son and his female friend). The guy who goes by the name 'Swamp' got so drunk he was sick down himself. Legend.

The second set of people we met were some Americans, who we got so drunk, one was sick down himself.

Clearly, we were bad influences on all this weekend. But hey! People go to enjoy themselves right? And we enjoyed watching the sick fest!

My two ladies <3

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Monday, 23 June 2014

Lush // Honey Bee


I'm back! After a weeks back :) sorry about that! I had a little Lush order lately and as I hadn't seen this one on their website before (although I don't think it's new) I decided I'd give it a go. I know that when you order these kind of products via the Internet, there is a chance you're going to dislike it and unfortunately this is one of those times. 

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Lifestyle // Download, 2014 - Part One

Morning guys!

Last weekend, I spent 4 days at Download festival. It's been 2 years since I last went and I was actually really nervous leading up to it. I hate camping, I don't drink a lot and in all honesty, I barely knew any of the bands. But I'm glad I took the plunge and went because it turned out to be of the best weekends I've had this year. 

I've decided to do this in 2 parts as we took 3 cameras and I didn't want to picture spam just one post! So look for the second part of this next weekend! The headliners this year were Avenged Sevenfold, Linkin Park and Aerosmith. I pretty much went for the first two and also for Fall Out Boy (who were, I must say, amazing). Linkin Park was one of the best atmospheres I have ever experienced. They put on such an amazing show and even though I didn't know some of the songs, I still adored every minute. I came home early on the Sunday because there were zero bands I want to see, including Aerosmith (sorry guys) and I was fed up of being in a field. Plus, I was seriously sunburnt (as you will see in the pictures that follow!)

The weather was pretty amazing all weekend, except the Sunday. It was clear blue skies all day (too hot sometimes) and nice and cool in the evening so it was nice not to be be suffocated in my tent by the heat at night. Most of these are taken from one day (the Friday) but there will be more next week!

Here's a few snaps! None of them are edited because I'm shit at stuff like that and I'm also very lazy.

Clearly my boyfriend wanted to be slightly chavvy this day!

Sunday, 15 June 2014


Hello guys!

This is just a quick (rather crappy) post to let you know that I am still here. I've been seriously busy with work and have just spent the weekend at Download (watch for a post on this!) and my blog has majorly suffered. So I'm going to be spending this week getting myself sorted and I'll probably starting posting again next week! So thank you to everyone who has stayed with me, even though I've been a bit rubbish lately! I promise things will be back on track soon enough! 

- Charli, xo

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Hello June // Currently & Spending Update

Reading // Chosen by Kristen Cast and P. C. Cast - This time last month I was starting the first book of the House of Night series. I am now on the fourth. In one month, I have read almost four books. As you can probably tell, I cannot put these down. I think sometimes I go in the bath just so I have an excuse to shut myself away from an hour to read these. I've fallen in love with each and every character and every chapter leaves me not wanting, but needing more. 

Listening to // At the moment I am listening to Rita Ora, Sigma and Mr Probz. None of these are my usual type of music taste, but I am especially loving Sigma - Nobody to Love - it's what I put on just before I finish a run, when I'm about to tell myself I can't run any further, and this pushes me to run that little bit more. 

Thinking about // The future. I finished Uni last month (finally) and whilst I had the option to jump onto the third year of another course, I chose to finish completely. I am waiting on one result now before I find out my overall grade for the year (if I've passed that is). I've been spending my days looking for another full-time job. Whilst I go up to 30 hours at my current job next week, it's not what I want to do anymore and I'm read to start fresh.

Loving // Having a social life again. I said goodbye to my social life the minute I started my second year of University and after what seems like forever, I'm finally able to do what I want without having assignments at the back of my mind! Another random thing I've been loving is going to the local pub every Sunday or Monday to do the pub quiz, it's so much fun and we all get so competitive! 

Watching // Sorry to bore you again, but it's still Desperate Housewives. Now that I finally have time to watch TV, I'm on the second to last series (the one where Tom and Lynette separate, cue the tears) and even though I've seen all these episodes and know what happens, I still sit and ball at every single episode. There is literally nothing else I'm watching at the moment so hopefully once I finish DH, I'll have something else to tell you about!

Looking forward to // June is my last busy month now for a while. This Sunday I will be running Race for Life with my beautiful friend, Kerry. My aim is to run it in 25 minutes or less (whether this will happen or not, I'm not sure!). Also, next weekend is Download weekend! I wasn't excited for this until I went shopping with the girls I'm going with and we picked up some festival themed stuff and talked about what we were going to do. I also brought my tent today! 

The Spending Ban Update

Last month I put myself on a spending ban and whilst I had nothing left over at the end of the month, I feel like I did really well. I brought no make-up products (other than NARS Orgasm, but that doesn't count, right?), I spent no money on crap that I don't need and I managed to pay £200 off Vegas and put over £100 away towards my spending money for Menorca. Unfortunately I didn't manage to put anything away for a bigger house but I will get there! June is going to be tight for me, with a not-so large pay packet and a festival to pay for, but I'm still going to try and save around £50! So, the spending ban is still on! 

Monday, 2 June 2014

Pastel Polish

Morning guys!

It's not just throughout Spring that my obsession with mint green and pastel colours comes into play, it's all year round. I think pale colours can be worn at any time of the year and so I do just that! Today I thought I'd give you a look into my five current favourites!

From left to right; Berry Ice Cream, Breakfast in Bed, Pillow Talk, Peach Melba & Matt White

I brought Berry Ice Cream a real long time ago and then never used it. Recently I decided to dig out some old nail varnishes (the ones that hadn't gone manky) and tried this out. It doesn't look like a 'pastel' here but it's actually a bit more pale than this. It's such a nice colour and perfect the warmer months (hopefully) coming up. 

Breakfast in Bed is one of the most beautiful colours I've ever seen. In comes the mint green obsession. It's the perfect mint to add to any outfit. I brought this as soon as it came into my local Superdrug along with Pillow Talk below. Rimmel polishes are one of my favourite brands, I adore their brushes over any other brand. I live in this colour at the moment!

Pillow Talk is my other current favourite, probably because I love Rimmel polishes so much. This is another polish from the Rita Ora line that was recently released, along with Breakfast in Bed above. This is a stunning pale, baby blue and I'm always torn as to whether to wear this, or the mint green. I can never decide!

Peach Melba is a colour that I wore constantly throughout Summer last year and I have continued to have massive love with this. It looks a bit coral in this picture but it's a lot more pale, it's exactly like it's name says. Peachy! I love wearing this for days at work, working with jewellery means I like my nails to look good at all times and I think this colour looks really professional! 

And last but not least, we have Matt White. I think everyone needs a good white in their polish collection. This is brilliant for either using for designs or just as an all over colour. I recently paired this with my black and white palm midi skirt and black crop for a night out and it looked really nice! Barry M polishes are always long-lasting as well, which is always a bonus!

So as you can see, I have some big love for Barry M and Rimmel at the moment! I think both brands are excellent value for money and both last ages before beginning to chip, especially the two Rimmel ones! What are you favourite pastel colours? I'm always up for expanding my collection (obsession).

- Charli, xo