Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Beauty Boxes // Love Me Beauty - June

Good morning!

When it came to picking my Love Me Beauty box this month, I was tempted to skip. I actually wanted to save some money and just give June a miss but I genuinely got caught up in the moment and ended up just clicking a menu - and then it was too late. Knowing what you get with LMB kinda takes the thrill out of waiting for your box because you know what's coming so I haven't been getting all excited like I do with Birchbox. Who knows, maybe this will be my last LMB box? 

Anyway, here's what I received this month.

I've always loved the Montagne Jeunesse (£1.00) face masks. I think they're a bargain for around £1 in most drug stores (Boots, Superdrug, Bodycare) and I've been using them since I was but a teen so this is probably my favourite item this month. This mask has ingredients such as Volcanic Spring Powder and chopped Ginger and is a self-warming mask (which is a concept I am slightly familiar with).

Next on the list we have an NYX (£3.00) product! I was looking forward to receiving this polish, as you know I'm a polish fiend but I was hoping I'd get the mint colour. Alas, I am stuck with another black. I haven't used this yet so I can't comment on lasting power or such, but I don't tend to wear black on my nails so this may be sitting in my box for a while. It also says on my Love Me Beauty menu that I'd be getting an 'exotic' colour - there ain't nuttin' exotic about black. 

I don't really do much with my brows so this Beauty UK (£3.99) brow kit is also probably going to go to waste. I currently use Soap and Glory's Archery pen which is doing me just fine. I'm a right clutz when it comes to professional brows and I have no idea how to use these kits. Maybe I should sit down and have a play? 

I do like this Model Co (£9.00) eye liner in black. Again, I haven't used this product yet because I'm currently using up my Lord and Berry liner but I love the fact this has a sharpener! I buy so many little sharpeners and even though they're always in my make-up bag, I just lose them! I'm like.. A bad sharpener owner I guess. But I'm quite looking forward to this. And it's full size as well! Which is always a bonus. 

Finally we have an Urban Veda (£7.99) facial wash. I'm pretty sure I have a couple of their products stashed away somewhere (I'm a brilliant hoarder) so clearly I know of this brand! I don't remember ever loving anything of theirs though? I'll definitely give this a go, I'm always up for new skincare products! Especially cheap brands!

All in all, I'm not blown away by this box, at all. I have also learnt my lesson in wasting money on beauty boxes I do not use (I'm talking to you Glossybox) so maybe I'll have a hunt around to see whether I can find anything I might get along with more? What do you guys think? Any recommendations? 

- Charli, xo


  1. I love the Urban Veda face wash, it smells divine :) A little goes a long way though, you only need the tiniest amount x

    1. Thanks for the tip! I normally use loads when it comes to face wash!

  2. Ill take that brow kit off your hands ;)!

    Sian | Siân Marie Beauty


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