Wednesday, 28 August 2013

wordless wednesday.

juicy couture.

So my second review is on something I have completely fallen in love with. 
In my first Glossybox, I was sent a perfume sample of Juicy Couture - Viva La Juicy Noir.

(Bit of a rubbish picture, but I'm sure you'll live)

Juicy Couture Say;

Viva La Juicy Noir is for the woman who is daring and leaves a lasting impression. She's the life of the party - not afraid to show off and get noticed. Viva La Juicy Noir highlights the succulent ripe berry notes and gourmand accents, while adding a juicy touch of honeysuckle and a sultry hint of sandalwood. Dab on your wrists, behind your ears and anywhere else you want to be kissed.

Price: £63 for 100ml - Debenhams

I say;

Well, I am nothing like the 'woman' this perfume is supposed to be for. Quite the opposite infact, although I can think of a few people who the description suits perfectly. Anyway, I'm not normally a perfume person, I'm pure lazy and will happily go out smelling like a shoe (I should of been born a boy), but I have literally fallen in love with this. So much so, that the boyfriend is now sticking this in my Christmas stocking (which is always growing in size thanks to my greediness). It has a definite berry smell, not sure what 'gourmand accents' are or what 'sandalwood' smells like, but I'm sure they're lovely and a posh person would probably be able to pick up those scents. But, in a nutshell, it smells banging and I want it.


- Charli, xo

Thursday, 22 August 2013

the first review.

Like I said in my last post, I've joined the Glossybox train and I received my first box in the post yesterday. The boyfriend didn't appreciate it when I came in carrying a little pink box, squealing like a small child, (he just doesn't get it).

I've decided that instead of posting everything I received and then reviewing each one separately (ain't nobody got time for that), I'm gonna skip the first part and jump straight into the reviews.

So, the first product I tried out was the Emite Eyelash Curlers. I was WELL excited to get these as my MAC ones have just about had enough and are about to give up on life. And, they're like, £20 in the shops! Brilliant.

Aren't they pretty!

Emite say;

Developed with professional makeup artists for their requirements, the Professional Eye Lash Curler has a special curved design to suit all eye shapes, without touching your make-up base. Insert lashes close to the lash line and press to curl. Use before applying mascara.

Price:Approximately £20
Before and after picture; serious spaz eye in the top one. Not an attractive look, I must admit.

I say;
Okay, so I don't think there is anything particularly 'special' about these. Yeah, they're awfully pretty but they're just eyelash curlers. They do work, but my eyelashes never stay curled for longer than about 8 minutes, although they do seem to stay curled for a tiny bit longer after using these bad boys. I will be continuing to use these, but if I saw them in the shop I'd probably bypass them for the pure fact that I'm a cheap ass.
- Charli, xo

a little introduction.

So, I'm new to all this blogging malarkey.
Well, technically I've attempted it twice before, but I have the attention span of a flea so we'll see how it goes this time. Third time lucky right?
I'm also pretty new to the world of beauty and make-up. I've just joined the Glossybox hype, (received my first one yesterday) so hopefully that should help me on my way.
Basically, I just want to share the (few) exciting parts of my life, mixed with my new beauty experiences. I'm also going to throw in a few book reviews as I'm pretty much a HUGE nerd and would spend my life in a house made of books, if that were possible and maybe a few animal-ish posts as I'm currently studying a degree in Animal Science and have a cat obsession.
Okay so, here goes.
- Charli, xo