Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Travel Diaries // Vegas, Uno

So last month I had the trip of a lifetime. Bear and I jetted off to the wonderful world of Las Vegas. What an experience. It was honestly the best trip yet, by far. Even though I found it extremely overwhelming, after a few days I was in my element. You may have seen my Sephora Haul (if not, get yourself over there) which was just a slice of the excitement I got to experience. I'll be splitting these posts up cause they're gonna be picture heavy. I'd also like to point out that I am definitely not a photographer, all these were taken on my Samsung.

We stayed at the Crown Plaza in Gatwick the night before our departure and I am telling you now, this was 100% the best bed I have ever slept in (minus the pillows). You literally sink about a foot into the bed. I got in and said to Bear 'I need this bed'. His reply? 'Don't worry, I've already googled the mattress company'. What a legend. 

We stayed at Planet Hollywood, which I do do do recommend and this is the view from our room window in the day (obviously). We upgraded to the 'penthouse' suite, which was definitely not a penthouse, just a bigger room with a strip view. The view at night was worth it. The Eiffel Tower (well, a model of) which is half the size of the real thing, has a restaurant half way up and is utterly beautiful at night.

Our room had the biggest bath I'd ever been in. Literally it was so deep, I could barely look over the edge. So of course I got myself down to Lush and purchased a bubble bar! Our first breakfast on the Tuesday morning (no idea of the restaurant name, we thought it was The Sugar Factory but turned out it wasn't). Yes, it tasted as good as it looks.

As it's recently been Chinese New Year, everywhere, literally everywhere, is decorated for the occasion. It really was beautiful. These two are taken in Ceasers Palace, probably my favourite hotel, - definitely not because of the massive Sephora - and was actually huge. 

The first two days in Vegas were spent checking out our own hotel, Planet Hollywood, which holds the Miracle Mile shops and a casino, which we took full advantage of. We looked round Ceasers Palace, which has The Forum Shops (so many shops!), The Bellagio (the famous fountains are to die for, so beautiful) and the Paris, which was next door. All three were beautiful and huge and just, wow. We ate at the Spice Buffet in our hotel, which wasn't amazing, but still good enough. It was a brilliant start to our week.

Isn't the Chinese New Year d├ęcor amazing?

- Charli, xo

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  1. Looks like you had an amazing time!! Looking forward to reading more about your trip. I'm going to vegas as part of a tour this year so would love any recommendations since I'lll onyl be there for around 2 days!



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