Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Travel Diaries // Vegas, Dos

Here we have part two of my Vegas Diaries, the last few pictures in this are pretty bad quality, obviously I was having an off day. The décor in The Bellagio literally took my breath away, probably because of how large and open and brightly coloured everything is. Definitely one of my peaks of the trip. 

All these were taken in the beautiful Conservatory at The Bellagio. It was so bright in there (and extremely hot) and it was really nice to walk round and marvel at everything. 

Casually walking through the Cosmopolitan and were met by 6 stone dogs. And a large shoe.

Walking through the Aria we came across the cutest little cake shop, everything looked way too good to eat. I vowed that I'd come back here before we left and purchase a few little treats but I never got round to it, literally gutted :( I bet it all tasted amazing. 

Some very bad quality pictures of the view of the strip at night, you have to understand we were 50 floors up and I could not sit on that windowsill without shaking! I'm going to finish it here for today, I think the next post will be dedicated to Madame Tussauds as I took about 12867 pictures in there! I hope you're liking my awfully taken pictures and it's giving you some idea of what we got up to in Vegas.

Could you resist a Gucci visit?

- Charli, xo

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