Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Christmas List

Christmas Wishlist

Ohhhh Santaaaaa, now it's getting colder, I'm really starting to get into the Christmas spirit. These are just a few of the things on my (never-ending) Christmas List.

Viva la Juicy Couture Noir - I've wanted this ever since I got a sample in one of my Glossybox. This is kind of a cheat choice as I know I've already got this off my man ;) he's so well trained it's unreal. Under £40 in most fragrance stores.

GHD's - I do not own a pair of straighteners. I use either my mum's or Stuart's, so I think it's about time I had a pair of my own! These are under £90 on Amazon, and with the Christmas money I've had off the man's mother, I'll be purchasing a pair of these beauties!

Fräulein Pro Brushes - I still don't own a set of make-up brushes and these have had really good reviews. They're under £10 on Amazon and have been in my wishlist for months - so if anyone I love is reading this, I WANT THESE, kthx.

Black Patent Block Heel Boots - I saw these in Edinburgh and stupidly I tried them on. And then I instantly fell in love, obviously. What kind of idiot is the boyfriend to let me try a pair of shoes on, will he ever learn? Anyway. These are £38 from River Island and I might end up just buying these for myself before Christmas, but they're on my list anyway.

Yankee Candle - Black Cherry - I've recently been buying Yankee Tarts and little Yankees on eBay and really want a nice big one to just plonk somewhere. Black Cherry sounds amazing and these are under £15 from one of my favourite eBay sellers. GOGOGO.

And there you have it, just a few of the things I've been lusting after recently. What's on your Christmas List? Let me know in the comments box! 

- Charli, xo

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