Thursday, 7 November 2013

#BEDN - 10 Things

I wasn't going to do this post as I thought it would be too similar to my 'Introductions' post, but then I thought it would be fun to set myself the challenge of attempting to write 10 things about me. Some of these things I will have mentioned, others I won't have. Here goes; 

1) I am obsessed with 'The Sims'. Not so much Sims 1, but Sims 2 and 3, I have every expansion pack. I've said previously I'm a nerd, so do not say you weren't warned. Next year, Sims 4 comes out and no matter how much it costs, I will be having it. Watch this space. 

2) I love baking - but I am awful at it. I have several cookery books, of which I have probably used less than 5 times. I wish I had more patience and could create beautiful little cupcakes or things with the word 'creme' in them. But I don't and I can't. Sad times. 

3) I'm afraid of pretty much everything; the dark, spiders, the future. Everything.

4) Following on from 3, I have panic attacks in my sleep. I've never had one during awake hours but at night, occasionally the boy has to wake me up because I'm hyperventilating, or punching him in an attempt to get him to wake me up. Not nice.

5) I am the eldest of 3, I have a younger brother and a younger sister. 

6) I am terrible at all sports.

7) Funnily enough, I actually love swimming and the gym. I love running (granted I am awful at it, again proving number 6) but I feel amazing after a good gym work out or swimming session.

8) I love children. Up until the age of about 7 and then I'm pretty sure an evil switch is turned on in their brains. I cannot wait to have my own family and have little Charli's running round. (Oh, God).

9) I'm seriously claustrophobic.

10) Since I started this blog, I have been a much happier, more positive person. Even though not many people may read my posts, I'm enjoying having a place where I can come and write pretty much whatever I feel like writing.  

(One of my all-time favourite films, that reminds me of this post)
10 Things I Hate About You

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