Wednesday, 6 November 2013

#BEDN - The Skincare Post;

As most of you know, I'm a newbie to the world of beauty. Well, not a newbie, but I don't have much experience in doing anything other than slapping on a bit of mascara and foundation. If I'm being totally honest, I'm also a newbie to skincare. Apart from make-up wipes, I do nothing for my skin and then I wonder why it's always so awful.

I have combination skin. It gets really, really oily so sometimes I steer clear of products because I'm worried it will make my skin even more greasy. But a lot of the time, my T-Zone is seriously dry and especially in my eyebrows (does anyone else have this problem?! Please let me know!).

So after doing a bit of research and watching a few YouTube skincare routines, I decided to start an evening routine. I have NO time in a morning at the moment to do anything except wipe off the excess make-up that wasn't taken off the night before, so I'm leaving mornings for now.

Simple Moisturising Facial Wash - I have used Simple products before, I have one of their moisturisers that I'm not currently using. I picked this up because my usual 'routine' is; take make-up off with make-up wipes, bed. Occasionally slap on a bit of moisturiser. I don't even wash my face (apart from in the bath/shower), how bad is that?! So I chose this because I have quite sensitive skin and although it's oily, it doesn't take a lot to dry it out, so I wanted something that wouldn't irritate my skin. You're supposed to use this twice a day, but like I say I've only been using it in the evening and to be honest, I think once a day is enough.

The Body Shop, Aloe Calming Facial Cleanser & Aloe Calming Toner- I have never used a cleanser or a toner in my life and there are way too many to choose from. Why can't shops just make it easy for me and either tell me what to use, or just give me a choice of like, 2 things. But anyway, I walked into The Body Shop for a specific make-up remover and came out with these. The lady in the shop helped me out and told me I was supposed to use the cleanser first, followed by the toner (which I did actually know, but I let her ramble on) and that if I have sensitive skin, Aloe would probably be best for me. I haven't heard many people mention The Body Shop, which is a shame because I actually really like their products and they have a HUGE skincare range that I don't think people even know about.

So, those were the 3 products I picked up to start off my evening routine. I didn't want to start applying too many things at once and irritate my skin or make it any worse than it actually is. So I use the face wash, followed by the cleanser and toner and I'm not using a moisturiser at the moment. I'd just like to mention, that I've done this only 3 nights in a row so far and I have already noticed a massive difference. My skin has literally never been so soft, and my spots have started clearing up straight away and I honestly think that is JUST because my make-up is being removed properly, rather than being smeared all over my face with a wipe. I do still use wipes for my eyes because I get a bit funny about putting stuff on or around my eyes.

Woah, this was longer than I wanted it to be! I will be giving you an update in about a month to let you know whether these worked long-term or whether I'm wanting to try something else! Or add something else!

What skincare products do you use/recommend?

- Charli, xo

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