Tuesday, 12 November 2013

#BEDN - Spending Addiction.

So apparently this month I've developed a spending addiction. Where this money has come from, I really don't know. I've been spending money as if it grows on trees. Somebody please stop me, not even joking. I'd prepare yourselves for another post like this and whoooole lotta reviews because I go to Edinburgh on Thursday and I plan on spending until I am bankrupt. There is honestly no better feeling than holding so many shopping bags that your arms are starting to rip away from your shoulders. Getting home and getting everything out the bags, admiring each purchase for at least 37 minutes, then putting them in their place in your house. I realise I sound like a mad woman, but I can guarantee that there will be some ladies reading this thinking 'I hear ya sister!' And to those woman I say, shopping is life, life is shopping.

I also have an addiction to nail products. I walked into Superdrug for an advent calender and walked out with a new Rimmel 60 Second and MUA Nail Beads. And no advent calender. These 9 purchases are just from the last 2 weeks. Some seriously needs to stop me, take away my purse or lock me away before I do myself some harm. 

Also in the picture is my Glossybox which I have to say, I am raaaate impressed with this month! I didn't really review anything from my last box because, well, it was shit. Excuse my French, but it was. So keep your eyes peeled for some product reviews :) 

Also my new boots! Technically my boy brought me these, so I can't be shouted at. And also, the sequin dress is my Christmas party dress, so that purchase was allowed!

So basically, I need to be stopped.

What's your addiction?

- Charli, xo


  1. This is me at the moment and I can't stop! I'm actually ashamed of my lack of willpower but you are so right there is no better feeling! Enjoy Edinburgh, my friend is there today and I am so jealous x

    1. I'm scared for my (and my boyfriends) bank account. Tbh I'm gonna try and get most of my Christmas presents!


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