Wednesday, 23 November 2016

10 happy things..

- Planet Earth II on a Sunday evening, oh how I could listen to David Attenborough all the days long.

 - Finding a new favourite song and feeling the need to play it fourteen times in the space of an hour, Young & Divine - XO (I'm looking at you).

 - Duvet days with candles, fairy lights and Netflix.

 - Realising how in love you are with your bear-sized boyfriend. 

 - Realising he loves you just as much. 

 - Cats - no explanation necessary.

 - Waking up at 3am and realising you still have four hours before you need to get up for work. 

 - Nights in with your sister, almost vomiting from laughing too hard.

 - Starbucks hot chocolate with the most amount of cream possible. 

 - Cats.

What makes you happy? 

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