Sunday, 20 November 2016

Sunday, with a little A-Z.

I spent this weekend adventuring around London with three of my favourite people. Days in the big capital are usually a mad rush for me, Oxford Street meltdowns and panic Christmas buying, but this time it was a little different. 

I've never seen Big Ben (up close anyway) nor have I been to Buckingham Palace. Everybody wants to see where the Queen shits and sleeps, am I right? It was lovely strolling through the streets and taking in the sights rather than pushing my way through Topshop and wanting to punch everyone in the dick.

It was refreshing to be away from work, even if it was just for two days. It was the mini-break I needed and I'm ready to face the Christmas retail with fresh eyes and a clear(ish) mind. 

A little A-Z

I thought, seeing as it's been what, a little over three years? Since I started this little Internet space, I'd give you a little insight into me, myself and I. I'm stealing this little tag from the beautiful Sarah over at seethestars although I'm going to split it over a few posts.

A - Anxiety. Anxiety plays a big part in my day to day life and is something I've decided to be a little more open about. The last eighteen months have been insane and it has taken it's toll, emotionally and physically. Sometimes it's suffocating, other times it's just a little irritating but I am learning to fight it and most of the time, I win. 

B - Books. Oh my Lord, books. If I could spend my days wandering round Waterstones reading every last page, I would. I have now ran out of space in my room for any more books, which is an issue because I just keep buying and buying and buying. I feel like there is little better than starting a new book and falling in love with the characters, living in a little dream world and losing yourself in a fantasy for a while.

C - Cats. I am obsessed with cats - no other explanation needed.

D - Different. The difference in me, in the last eighteen months is crazy. This time last year, I would not of thought I'd be where I am now - which is happy. I was a shell of myself, compared to now. It's insane.

E - Emotional. I wear my emotions on my sleeve, shall we say. Whether it's happiness, if I'm upset, if I want to rip someones face off - everyone knows about it.

F - Family. - My family have been my rock. I was devastated when I had to move back home but it has been incredible. I have loved being around everyone, I've loved coming home and knowing there is probably someone there waiting for me. I'm definitely a 'home bird' and couldn't imagine moving too far away from the mad house. 

Tell me about yourself.. 

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