Friday, 16 May 2014

Love Me Beauty // May


What lovely weather we've been having these last couple of days :) I hope it continues throughout today as I'm currently on my way to Alton Towers! So please stay out Mr Sunshine! Anyway, last month I cancelled my Glossybox subscription and rather than using that money for some productive, like saving it, I decided to try another beauty box. Welcome Love Me Beauty. I didn't blog about my first box, but let me tell you, it was awesome and I instantly loved and used every single product (3 out of 4 were full sized). With this beauty box there is a menu of 3 different but similar boxes that you can choose, if you don't like any, you simply skip a month, what else could you need?! This months box, I am impressed again, not as much as the first, but still a lot better than what Glossy have been offering! Here's what I got; 

Suti - Trial Pack in 'Cleanse Balm, Purity Balm and Fabulous Foot Balm' | £6.50
These are really cute and each of them smell different, but nice. I'm intrigued by the foot balm cause at the minute my feet are really dry! I think it's the jogging I've been doing, who knows. I'm about to run out of cleanser so I'm definitely going to give this a go as it's supposed to remove all make-up (we'll see about that) and the purity balm I'll be giving a go as well, on the redder areas of my face! 

Nail Girls in 'Nude Pink' | £13.50
This is the only product I'm abit 'MEH' about. First off.. £13.50?! £13.50 for a little nail varnish, are you being cereal? Also, we got a nail varnish last months (a Models Own) so I don't reaaaaally want one two boxes in a row to be honest! I'm also not a pink fan. Even though I picked this menu, this is the one think I don't like.

GO Stationary - 'Vintage Daisy' | £5
Yes. Every girl needs not one, not two, but three notebooks in her handbag. These are actually adorable and I picked the daisy selection because they remind me of my Goddaughter (Daisy) and I'll definitely be passing one of these onto her mum. I'm a right stationary hoarder so I love these!

Raw Skincare - Natural Lip Balm in 'Hint of Mint' | £1.98
This smells incredible. I love it! I started using this straight away and it leaves my lips (which are dry lately) feeling sooo.. I wanna say moist but then I giggle.. So I'll say hydrated. And cool and minty and ahhhhh. And for £1.98?! You can't go wrong!

Tea Pigs - 'Chocolate Flake Tea' | £0.65 per teabag. 
I don't drink hot drinks but I was still excited about receiving this cause, well I'm a weirdo. I know who I'm giving these to and I bet they taste amazing! Any chocolate is amazing, let's be honest. And I also like beauty boxes that give you food, who doesn't love food?! Uhhhh, no one, that's who.

So that's my second beauty box, fast service, amazing products (most full-sized) and you get a choice of 3 different menus each month, with no pressure to choose any. I'm going to be sticking with these guys for a while and hopefully they'll keep impressing me!

Have you tried Love Me Beauty yet?

- Charli, xo


  1. oooh this sounds really good i may give it a go myself! lovely blog! id love it if youd comment back xx

  2. I skipped this box sadly. Not enough focus on beauty for me. I'm paid up for one more month but then I think I'll cancel and just keep my Birchbox running! I wanted a beauty box not a lifestyle box :/

    1. I do agree, this isn't very beauty based now you mention it! I'm gonna see what next month brings! But I do want something more beauty related!

  3. I will happily take these teas off you ;)

    Sian | Siân Marie Beauty

  4. You'll be getting them, don't worry :P

  5. The notebooks are super cute! I love anything like that. I'd be interested to know what the tea is like as well x

    Jasmin Charlotte

    1. Unfortunately I don't drink tea! But I'll be giving them to my friend to sample!

  6. I'm such a massive fan of Love Me Beauty! The 3 menus each month is such a great idea xx

    Gemma // Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. It is! Especially cause you get to skip a month if you don't like any of the menus!


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