Wednesday, 14 May 2014

A Yankee Treat


Yes, I know I'm on a Spending Ban but at £1.70 each, I could not resist these on eBay. And I don't think £3.40 (the only thing I've treated myself to this month so far) is going to make a huge difference to my bank balance. Anyway, look at these pretties. 

The beautiful Belle over at Mascara and Malteasers does a 'Weekly Wax' post (definitely check them out) and as she's is not only a candle addict, but a Yankee addict also, she is my new favourite person. And she seems to be into the same kinda scents as me. I recently ran out of votives to put in my little candle holders and thought I'd try out the last two that she reviewed. Sweet Apple and Orange Splash. Rather than splurging on big jars and not liking the smell, I thought I'd try the votives out and then decide if I'll be upgrading. Sweet Apple is definitely my favourite and is the ONLY candle I have ever come across that actually smells like apples. Most others are a bit too musky but this beautiful (almost spicy, in my opinion) scent is literally like you're holding an apple. Orange Splash is another gorgeous scent and smells... Like an orange ;) I'm not a massive orange person to be honest but I wanted to try something new and Belle had said that she never goes for fruity scents but that she loves this, so here it is! I haven't burnt these yet, but I will be this week and I'm looking forward to sitting in my house with the smell of oranges and apples sweeping round me!

You can find these pretties over on eBay, here at £1.70 each. Brilliant fast delivery too! 

Do you think you'd like these scents?

Charli, xo 


  1. Sweet Apple sounds lovely! I must try it! :) xo

    Megan Jane // Seek My Scribbles

  2. Both these scents sound amazing! I'll be on the look out for them haha! Xx



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