Monday, 12 May 2014

Birchbox Delivery // May '14


I didn't review last months Birchbox as I was under a lot of pressure (as you guys know) and had no time for my little Internet space, plus last months box was a bit pants (sorry Birchbox!). This month however, WOAH. I adore this months box and it has two of my favourite brands and a brand that I have always wanted to try! Also, can I just ask, has anyone else noticed that the Birchbox boxes smell.. Amazing. Like, really amazing? Please let me know in the comments below! 

So, this months box was all about the weather getting warmer. I adore (it literally made me squeal like a little child) the packaging of this months box and will definitely be using the box for something else afterwards. Birchbox have collaborated with Harper's Bazaar to put together a collection of products designed for the warmer months ahead. So what did I get?

Birchbox subscribers were given a subscription offer for Harper's Bazaar magazine, £12 for 12 subscriptions. That's £1 per magazine, what an awesome offer! I unfortunately won't be taking this offer as I'm on a Spending Ban and I'm not a magazine lover tbh!

Benefit Cosmetics - They're Real! Mascara | £19.50
This jet-black formula adds both volume and length to all types of lashes. Sophie Bloomfield, Harper's Bazaar Beauty Director, says "It excels at providing separation and length without clumps." Wiggle the brush from the base of the lashes to the ends. Use the tip to catch the inner-corner and bottom lashes.

I've received one of these in Birchbox before, but I'm not complaining. I love this mascara and have just ran out of my first sample size, so this is perfect timing! 

Soigne - Nail Lacquer | £11
We're hooked on this line and so is Sophie, "Non-toxic polish in classically great shades; this chic new polish brand is the new essential." Start with a base coat, then apply two layers. Follow with a top coat.

I have never seen a nail polish that is packaged so professionally. Inside this box, (I should of taken a picture really) the polish is held between two rubber type thingys (so amazing at describing stuff) and it just looks really, really smart. Which has instantly made me love the brand. Let's hope the polish itself, lives up to it's packaging. I got the colour 'Creme Au Beurre' (I think) and it's a gorgeous pearly, pink nude and I can't wait to try it out!

Aromatherapy Associates - Revive Morning Bath & Shower Oil | £39
This invigorating blend of pink grapefruit, rosemary and juniper berry will soften skin and uplift your mood. Add a capful to your bath or smooth over your body before showering. Or follow Sophie's lead and take it on the road: "It's one of my must-have products for beating that post-flight sluggish feeling."

YES. YES. YES. I have been wanting to try this brand AND this product for so long. Especially because of the amount of stress I've been under, I wanted something more than bubbles to chuck in my bath and help me relax. This smells, beautiful. And would wake me up instantly if I used it in my morning shower. I will probably use this in my bath though and let it sink into my skin while I sit back with a good book and a face mask. 

Beauty Protector - Protect & Shampoo - Protect & Condition | £14 each
If you loved Protect & Detangle, you'll go bananas for the newest members of the family! The sulfate-free formula's strengthen, nourish and protect strands. Lather up in the shower with Protect & Shampoo, then follow with a generous dose of Protect & Condition.

YESSSSSSSSSSSSS. Beauty Protector is one of my FAVOURITE hair care brands. I have loved every product I have used by them and they really do work. I can't wait to get in the shower and try these out. I'm currently trying out a different shampoo and conditioner but as soon as they're done, these are coming straight out! Trust me. Oh, and they always, always, always smell DIVINE.

Liz Earle Beauty Co. - Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser | From £13.25
Sophie loves how this cult cleanser "leaves skin perfectly cleansed and prepped. The muslin cloth and polish ensure a beautiful glow." Massage cleanser into dry skin. Run muslin cloth under hot water, wring out and buff over skin.

I've never tried a Liz Earle product, but it is a brand I've heard good things about. I've also never used a hot cloth cleanser, but again, I've heard good things. I'm looking forward to getting into my Aromatherapy Associates bath and using this as my face mask! 

So all in all, this months box has been a massive success in my eyes. The packaging of all the products and the box itself are a huge bonus and I can't wait to start using each and every single product. It's been a while since I've loved all products in one box, and finally, NO HAND CREAMS, well done Birchbox, you've smashed it again.

What did you get in your box this month?

- Charli, xo


  1. I agree with you last month the only thing I liked was the Laura Mercier body creme! I'm excited to get into the office now as mine should be waiting there for me :) x

    1. Exciting times! I loved this months box!

  2. If I don't get mine today or tomorrow I am going to throw a massive strop! This months box is amazing!!

    Sian | Siân Marie Beauty

    1. Hahaha, bless you :P I know, I love it!

  3. I love the Benefit mascara and the Beauty Protector goodies look lovely! xo

    Megan Jane // Seek My Scribbles

    1. Yeah I like the mascara :) although it takes some rubbing off! And I loooooove Beauty Protector!

  4. Ooh I love the design of the box! I actually don't like Liz Earle, I find the scent very old lady like haha. Buttt, the mascara is one of my favourites!

    Belle ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

    1. I haven't actually smelt it yet! But I hope it's not an old lady smell! Haha.



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