Thursday, 8 May 2014

Betty Hula - The Secret Wonder Oil

Hello there;

I AM BACK. I have finally, finally, finally finished University, for good. Oh God, I feel just amazing. I know my blog has suffered, a lot, over the last couple of weeks, but I did warn y'all, did I not?! But here I am and I have so many little plans for my space on the Internet. Starting with, A REVIEW. Check me out, anyway let's crack on;

Betty Hula - The Secret Wonder Oil - £6.25

You guys won't know this, but I cancelled my Glossybox last month after another appalling box, in my opinion. Did I decide to save that £13 a month for Vegas? No, I subscribed to Love Me Beauty, which I haven't reviewed this month cause as you know, I've been in Hell. Anyway, WOW. I was SO impressed with my box and have used everything for the first time ever. This little beauty, is a full-sized 'on the go' body oil. 

What does Betty say?

A highly versatile and great smelling 'award winning' moisturising oil. Apply to any dry or problem areas of skin including wrinkles around the eyes. Good for; relieving signs of stretch marks, scarring, dry/sensitive and ageing skin, combination skin, oily skin and for soothing sunburn. 

Well, that's a lot of claims there Betty. I was a total oil virgin before I used this. I have countless body oils but I'm just too confused as to what to do with them and quite frankly, don't think I have a use for them. This is a roll-on oil and words cannot describe how much I love it. I have horrible purple stretch marks on my thighs (sharing is caring) and they really bother me, especially when it comes to having to slap the bikini on at this time of year. I've found nothing that has made them fade, until now. I decided after a bath one evening to roll this over the biggest marks (they actually look like scars) and see if it made a difference. I did this after every bath, for not much longer than a week and OH what a difference. For a start, they're no longer purple. They have faded to a shiny white, which is still noticeable but better than the purple by far. I've also noticed that my littler marks have all but vanished. I know that the bigger ones are never going to disappear but this 'wonder' oil has made me feel a lot, A LOT less conscious of them. I will be carrying on with using this and I will be purchasing again once it runs out (which looks like it's going to be a while!) 

I 100% recommend this for anyone that suffers with stretch marks, light scarring or anything along those lines. It has made thee biggest difference in how I feel about wearing a bikini and I'm ready for the summer of 2014. Thanks Betty. 

Have you tried any Betty Hula products?

- Charli, xo


  1. Great review Charli! I have a few stretch marks too and whilst they don't really bother me, I think they will by the time my holiday comes around so I may have to start working on them with this! It sounds lovely :) xo

    Megan Jane // Seek My Scribbles

    1. I really recommend it! It's only £6 and it seems like it's gonna last me forever. x

  2. I need a boat load of this for my stretch marks! I great review though :D

    Sian | Siân Marie Beauty

    1. It's sooo good! I've even got my mum using one!

  3. I have never tried this before or heard of the brand :) it sounds incredible I will have to try this as normally I use bio oil xx

  4. I was soooooo happy with my Love Me Beauty box too, it was such a good one wasn't it?! I love this oil too, it's such a wonderful product xx

    Gemma // Miss Makeup Magpie


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