Sunday, 23 March 2014

Self-Love Sunday // The Self-Love Tag

Merry Sunday!

So one of my favourite blogs posted this tag - and seeing as I got a good response from my last one, I thought I'd give this one a go. This is going to be hard for me as self-love is not something I do well at, but I'm gonna get straight into it because this is going to be a long-ass post! 


- Answer the questions
- Nominate at least 5 other bloggers
- Contact them to let them know they've been nominated

Easy! Let's go.

What does self-love mean to you?
To me, it means being able to look in the mirror and smile. It's not all about looks, it's just about you. To be able to look at myself and smile is something I have never been able to do. I'm not content with anything about myself, I could give you 50 faults but not one positive thing. I'm working on it though guys! 

What is your favourite way to pamper yourself?
I love lighting some candles and sitting in the bath with YouTube or a good book, I love using a good face mask and also painting my nails makes me feel good. 

What are your three favourite hobbies/past times?
This is difficult because I don't really have any hobbies. But blogging is a huge one. It's slowly giving me more and more confidence that maybe I'm not as bad as I make out. It motivates me to do something with my time rather than sit and watch Desperate Housewives in the dark. Secondly, eating out? It's not a hobby but I adore eating out with friends, family or just me and Stuart. I think it's a lovely opportunity to catch up and laugh and just eat yourself stupid. Thirdly, shopping is a big hobby of mine :) 

What movie puts you in a good mood when you're not feeling so great?
Bridesmaids! Or generally anything Disney related. I love a good comedy and I'm also a huge Disney fan - Lion King is my favourite film of all time, but it doesn't really put me in a good mood!

Who do you trust the most?
My mum. I have major trust issues and I can't say that I actually trust anyone 100% other than my mum. She has never let me down and even when she knows I'm wrong, she is always there.

What quote motivates you?
I'm not really a quote person? So I have no idea to be honest. So instead I'll just mention one of my favourite lines from my favourite book series.

'I love you, I will love you until I die and if there is a life after that, I will love you then'

When was the last time you took yourself on a date?
This week I went to Centreparcs Spa with my lady, Kerry - I guess because there was two of us it doesn't really count. But it was really nice having a few hours to myself, relaxing in almost pure silence, not having think about the outside world for a while. I really needed it.

What make-up products make you feel like a million bucks?
Uhhmmm, a good face mask? Cause your skin can feel better straight away after using a good one! And also, a good lippy. 

What is the last thing you did for someone else that made you feel amazing?
Probably Christmas? I love watching other people open the gifts I brought for them and seeing their faces cause I know my choices are awesome.

Do you feel comfortable with or without make-up on?
In all honesty, I never feel comfortable. Make-up or no make-up. There have only been a handful of moments where I have thought, I'm not so bad. 

What piece of advice would you give a child about to grow up with the pressures of today's media and it's crushing expectations?
I think it depends on what kind of expectations you're thinking of. If the way of society is to grow up with a good education, get yourself a solid job in whatever you want and live a fulfilled life, then I'd say; Go for it. If the way of society is to be a size zero, to be perfect, to be popular, then I say; Just be who you want to be. Fuck society.

What song puts you in a good mood?
At the moment - Anything Taylor Swift or The Summer Set!

What's the best advice someone gave you?
I don't really listen to advice to be honest. But something that someone said to me quite recently was; How can you expect someone to love you, when you don't even love yourself? - And this kick started me onto this 'Self-Love' journey.

Who makes you giggle?
My sister. I am forever laughing like a horse when I'm with her. She makes my sides and my cheeks hurt so much, I adore her.

What is something about society that bugs you?
People. People make society, people decide what is right and wrong, what looks good and what doesn't. I think we all need to lighten up a bit. Who cares if that girl wants to cover herself in body art? Who cares if that guy falls in love with another man? Who cares if she wants to be a he? One persons actions, is not affecting us, so why should we care?

What is one of your favourite things to do at the weekend?
Well I usually work every Saturday - but I love productive Sundays, as it's the only time I get free. I love completing to-do lists and then spending the evening curled up on the sofa with Stuart and watching crap TV.

What is one of your favourite memories with your friends?
The day Daisy was born. I remember being at Uni and getting a text saying 'Uhm...' and I knew straight away. She was born the next morning and I received a picture message of her and I cried, at 5 in the morning. I was so proud of Sami and two days later when I held Daisy, I (almost) cried again - she was (and still is) the definition of perfect. 

What advice would you give someone who needs a confidence boost?
Don't listen to me, I have the lowest confidence ever - so basically, do everything I don't.

Lastly, how do you plan on investing in self-love?
I'd like a little more me time. I little more time where I'm by myself, because it's okay to be alone. I'd like to spend time trying new things, new clothing, new colours that I wouldn't normally try and also taking more risks and doing things I wouldn't normally do.

So there you have it, I quite enjoyed this tag - however it hasn't made me love myself anymore! But maybe it's time I kicked this 'Self-Love' journey up a notch and tried a bit harder?

Okay, I nominate;

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If you made it all the way to the end, then thank you very much :) I'd love you all to have a go and let me know in the comments so I can have a read!

- Charli, xo


  1. Hey lady! So glad you took part in this tag. You're answers were really honest and I sincerely respect that. I could definitely smile at you in the mirror and tell you a ton of things that rock about you! :) Keep that self-love journey going lovely!
    xo T

    1. I wouldn't of done it if it wasn't for you, so thank you! :) you are just way too lovely. Can't wait for you to post more tags!

  2. This is such a lovely post! Thank you for tagging me - I'll definitely get round to posting my answers soon :) xo

    1. You're welcome, I look forward to your answers!

  3. Lovely post and nice to learn a bit more about you. I'm a closet Taylor Swift fan too :)
    Claire xx | somewhere... beyond the sea

    1. Ooo well that just makes me love you even more ;) Thanks for the comment!


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