Friday, 21 March 2014

Spring Wishlist, 2014

Good morning!

As of yesterday (20th March) it's officially Spring! I love Spring and I love the colours that come with it. I'm a massive pastel fan, I love floral print dresses and I'm a hoarder of sandals. So browsing the World Wide Web for pretties to put in this wish list was very dangerous, but seeing as I'm skint this month, I settled for just showing you guys what I'm lusting after!

1) Michael Kors Watch - Bloomingdales $250 (This is also on Amazon, the link just wouldn't work)

I've wanted a Michael Kors watch for a while now. I'm not a watch person, at all. I've never owned a watch, I hate my arms and how skinny they are so I tend to steer away from arm wear, but after seeing these about I've definitely fallen in love. I'm loving the rose gold themes at the moment and this is no different. Someone please buy me one of these?

2) Black Daisy Tea Dress - Dorothy Perkins - £38

I'm loving all the floral prints that are coming out at the moment and especially the daisy prints. Having a God-Daughter named Daisy means I have an excuse to purchase everything daisy related, and I think this dress from Dorothy Perkins is a need - to buy.

3) Bowler Hat - Accessorize - £25

I love hats on girls, much to Bear's dismay (he hates them) and recently my friend Kerry got brought one of these for her birthday and she looks shit hot in it and I tried it on and decided I looked awesome, so now I feel the need to purchase one. Maybe not one for £25 though.. Primark anyone?

4) Ciate Sugared Almonds - Selfridges - £9

If you don't know by now that I'm addicted to nail varnish, then where have you been? Really! Of course a polish had to be involved in this wishlist. I adore all the pastel colours that come out at this time of year and I think Sugared Almonds is a gorgeous peach colour (I actually only own one peach nail varnish) and would look awesome in my collection.

5) Topshop Lips in Petal - Topshop - £8

Again, another addiction of mine. I'm a huge lipstick hoarder, mostly pinks and reds. In fact, all pinks and reds I think. So here's another pink that I think is bloody beautiful and even though I have about 4 others in this shade, I definitely need this one.

6) Blue Faded Mom Jeans - New Look - £24.99

I do NOT wear jeans. I own one pair, that I only wear when I'm training the dogs at Uni. I really don't think jeans suit me in the slightest but I really, really want a pair of mom jeans! Maybe I can buy some and just never look in a mirror? Hmm.

7) Stone Thin Caged Flat Sandals - New Look - £17.99

It's nearly sandal weather guys. I love shoes. Addictions are clearly a part of my nature because Bear constantly tells me I do not need that pair of shoes that look exactly the same as those other ones that I own. I love sandals, I love getting my feet out (I think I have lovely feet, soz) and I think these are beauts!

What's on your Spring wishlist? 

- Charli, xo


  1. Oooh, I need that dress! I love daisy print!

    Smitten with Sunday

    1. Haha, yeah I love it too, it's lovely!

  2. Lovely wish list! Petal looks like such a lovely lipstick shade! :) xo

  3. And now you have your very own hat and look fit in it ;)

    1. I do, thanks to you ;) although Stu never lets me wear it!


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