Sunday, 2 February 2014

The Sunday Post - Goodbye January

Merry Sunday;

I know 'Merry Sunday' isn't a thing, but maybe it should be. We all get to Sunday and take a deep breath. It's the end of the week, Monday is ages away (or so we tell ourselves) and it's time to run ourselves a hot bath and take a second to actually relax.

Somebody please tell me it isn't February already? Please?! However happy I am for payday (oh, I am so happy) it doesn't change the fact that January pretty much came and went without even stopping by for a cuppa. I'm pretty sure we say this every month though, don't we?! I'm starting to realise more and more how quickly your life just passes you by. Which is why, at the start of 2014, I made one promise to myself. Say yes. 

Last year was shite. I'm sorry for the awful language (or maybe I'm not) but it really was. So I told myself in December last year that I would do every little possible thing to make this year amazing. In 2013 I probably went on 3 or 4 nights out? I said no to everything my friends asked me, I said no to everything my family asked me, I let my boyfriend go on countless weekends with other people because I was happier sitting alone in the house. I stayed in every weekend and sat in front of the TV being morbid for no damn reason other than the fact I'm a miserable bugger. 

So, it pleases me greatly to share the fact with you guys, that 2014 has already been and is already looking to be my best year. This month alone, I've had 3 nights out (with NO hangovers?! what's going on?) I've been on girly meals out, I've spent time with my family and I have booked and planned a HELL of a lot of things for the coming months. As well as all these beautiful plans, I have some major life decisions and life.. Steps, shall we say that are coming up. I am both excited and totally and utterly nervous about these but either way, I cannot wait to tackle them head on. 

Breakfast treat after good grades | Night out | Naps with the nephew
Walks at Uni | Sisterly love | Walks at Uni
Nail treats | God-daughter | Nights with the bestie

For those of you who have read my more depressive posts and for those of you who actually give a damn; I feel like a totally different girl. I'm positive, I'm motivated and I'm making the best of the life I've been given.

Goodbye January, Hello February

- Charli, xo


  1. This post makes me so happy! I so pleased for you, remember when I did my best friend post to cheer you up when you wasn't good. Now look at you :)

    Here for you forever!


    1. I felt happy writing it :) I feel like a different person to a few weeks ago! It's amazing what a bit of positivity can do <3

  2. Yay, that's great news. I know exactly what it's like to sit in on your own and shut out everyone and fun! The thought of going out filled me with dread and although I still go through phases of feeling like this I've realised how necessary it is to go outt, socialise and let go. Hope that you continue to have a very happy year :) x

    1. Thank you :) I'm sure I'll have a little phase soon but for now I'm trying my best to be positive!


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