Monday, 3 February 2014

Vanity Venom

I have something slightly different for you this morning, my lovelies. I have a friend, who goes by the name of Emily, who is a-to the-mazing at creative make-up. I'm constantly looking through Instagram and Facebook just to see if she has posted any new looks, which usually she has. Her Halloween looks literally scare the shit out of me and I'm not joking.

This pretty lady has had a double page spread in Illusion magazine and has been featured by some major make-up brands. She is also getting constant 'likes' on Instagram from huge make-up mad people! 

Today I wanted to show you a few of her pictures for those of you that are interested in getting involved in this kind of make-up. I can only wish that I was this creative and talented, but alas, I am not :( 

These are the looks she has created on herself;

And these are the looks she has created on others;

Isn't she talented? If I do anything for Halloween this year, I know who I'm going to for my costume make-up! 

I'd love you guys immensely if you checked her out; InstagramFacebookTwitter and she also has an online store HERE which is currently selling beanie hats!

She's almost at 10k likes on FaceyB, I'm sure it'd make her day if you got her to that mark! I also keep attempting to get her to create a blog of her own, so keep your eyes peeled for a Vanity Venom site! 

Any questions just leave me a comment!
- Charli, xo

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