Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Birchbox Favourites

I recently signed back up to Birchbox and vowed that I would start using the products instead of letting them build up in a drawer and then throwing them all away. I have a few favourites that I've found myself using most days, which is unusual for me!
The Hammam Ritual range has been around for a while, however I think they may have re-launched with some newer products and packaging. This body mud smells incredible, I love the smell of eucalyptus and I feel so refreshed and clean after using this in the shower. You can either use it for exfoliating or from what I've seen from other reviews, you can use it as a clay mask, leaving in on for a few minutes and then rinsing it off. I'm just using it for exfoliation at the moment and it's doing the job so far!

I've never been one to moisturise, especially in a morning because I've never found one that soaks in quick enough before I need to apply my make-up, however, because of Trilogy's Vital Cream, times are a-changing. I think you're supposed to use this twice a day, I actually just use it when I remember, which is probably a few times a week. It soaks in quite quickly and if I apply it before the rest of my face, it makes my primer feel like silk and my foundation does seem to go on a little easier.

My hair is either really oily, mostly at the roots, or really dry, mostly at the ends. The last six months I've been trying to take better care of my mane and I've been getting it trimmed more often, but still find split ends from over-heating and styling. I've used Fluoro5 Elixer Oil a few times now and I've noticed that my ends feel a lot more soft. I use a little on my ends just before I kill it with my hairdryer and it does make me feel a little better about myself - cause we all like to think we're looking after ourselves. 

I'm a massive lip-addict and I have more lip products than I can count, so what's one more, eh? I've tried a couple of LOC's products and have never really had any complains. This is a really cute, light pink colour and I find if I use it with a lip balm underneath it lasts well past lunchtime. It doesn't dry out my lips, it's more of a high-shine than a matt and I find myself wearing it most days at the moment, instead of my usual vamp red. 

Have you tried any of these products? 

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