Thursday, 13 October 2016

All things Lush.

Did someone say Lush delivery? It's almost Halloween, which means it's almost Christmas, which means Lush is in overdrive. It's been so long since I bought anything, I just had to make an order.

Pumpkin - Oh my! Pie! // Despite what people have told me, this doesn't not smell like pumpkin pie. It doesn't smell like pumpkin anything. It smells like lemons and oranges and anything citrus. It does actually smell amazing - and I'm not one for citrus scents. Can we just pause and sigh deeply at the fact.. It's a freaking pumpkin. It has Halloween written all over it and as soon as I saw it, I needed it.

Never Mind the Ballistics // As far as I know, this is make my bath look like a rainbow vomited in it. No issues with that, whatsoever. So half the bomb is normal, the other half is smooth - which I haven't seen before? Even smoother than the bubble bars. I get scents of lime and a kind of peach? It uses cocoa butter so my legs will end up feeling like silk, rather than a gorilla's armpit.

Monsters' Ball // His eye fell off :'( I was literally heartbroken when I pulled him out and search frantically in the box for his eye, but it wasn't there! WTF Lush? To say I don't like citrus scents, I'm pretty sure all of these follow that theme. Monsters' Ball smells really fresh and clean actually and I imagine my bath being all kinds of blue and purple - more unicorn vomit than rainbow. Again, no complaints. Who doesn't love unicorn vomit?

Golden Wonder // I think Golden Wonder is my favourite bath bomb of all time, I come back to it every single year. I feel like a princess when I use this beauty with all the glitter and the stars in the middle - it 100% reminds me of Christmas and I have to stock up on at least 30 of these before they leave in the New Year.

Lord of Misrule // Slightly more spicy than the others with black pepper oil, it's another scent I'm not normally fond of. Again though, it reminds me of Christmas, cinnamon and spices and everything rustic. Did I mention.. There's popping candy. It turns your water a deep purple and leaves your skin feeling incredible.

I cannot wait to try these out - what's the betting they won't last the week?

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