Thursday, 25 September 2014

Lip Smacker - Coca Cola Edition

Whilst on the plane home from my lovely holiday in Menorca, I purchased a few goodies. You can read all about them right here but I thought I'd do a couple of extra posts, going into a little more detail. First up, the Lip Smacker Coca Cola edition. My, oh my. Heaven in 6 little tubes.

I purchased this little beauty on the plane on the way home, for £10. I'm not sure whether I think that's too pricey, or just right, but either way, I brought it. You get 6 lip balms included in the tin and I'm pretty sure you can purchase these separately online as well. I know from experience that novelty lip balms are usually pants but this is not the case when it comes to these. For a start, even though I find the scent of Coca Cola, Coca Cola Vanilla and Coca Cola Cherry all very similar, each one does smell exactly like the drink it is named after. My favourite by far has to be Strawberry Fanta, followed closely by Orange Fanta - I'm a Fanta lover, can you tell? 

The smell doesn't transfer 100% to your lips but I quite like this as it might be slightly over-powering throughout the day. But there is a little scent there, which is good enough for me. Coca Cola Cherry and Strawberry Fanta have a slight tint to the lips, making them appear slightly more red/pink than normal, which I find nice as they're good for just everyday casual wear. 

My favourite on the lips is Coca Cola Vanilla. Even though I'm not a huge fan of the scent, this balm seems to apply much nicer to the lips and leaves a real moisturising feel. The other 5 do apply really smoothly but I just find that the Vanilla is that little more soft on the lips, no idea why! 

I think these would be a really good birthday/Christmas present for someone and I find it for a cheaper price on £9 here on Amazon. Such a cute novelty gift!

Have you tried these balms?

- Charli, xo


  1. I love theseeee! They're so cute and I usually love the smell and taste

  2. Yeah, they're so cute! I love the smell of each one!


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