Friday, 1 August 2014

Currently // August Edition

Reading // City of Heavenly Fire - Cassandra Clare // I've made it clear on this little blog over the last year about how badly I am in love with the Mortal Instruments series. I have fallen head over heels with each and every character and have absolutely adored every single book. Last month, the long awaited sixth and final book of the series was released. There is so much excitement from the very first page of this book and I am just loving sitting in and reading chapter after chapter. This is one book series that I truly 100% think everyone should read. 

Listening to // My music taste has been so varied these last few weeks. The Summer Set, Avenged Sevenfold, Ed Sheeran. I have however, found my new favourite duo. MKTO. Definitely in love with both of them. Unfortunately they only have one song on Spotify at the moment but there are a few on YouTube including 'American Dream' which I literally adore - you need to check them out!

Thinking about // Blogging. I've been thinking about my little space on the Internet a lot recently. Since finishing Uni and starting full time at my job, my blog has gone down hill. I feel like I have no time and in the time I do have, I just wanna sit on the sofa in my pants with a tub of Ben and Jerry's. I really need to sit down and get back into it - I keep saying this but it never happens. Maybe this time I'll actually stick to it? I'm hoping I do as I love posting!

Loving // Chocolate buttons, Soleros and baking. I've been doing a lot of baking recently with the mother and this Sunday I'm going home for the day to spend some time with the family and bake, bake, bake! I'll be taking some photos and I might even do a blog post! I never do food based posts! I'm also loving the weather! We're having a right good Summer this year, aren't we?! Unfortunately, I don't get to enjoy it so much seeing as I work 5 days a week inside a shopping centre.

Watching // True Blood and Teen Mom 2. I'm now on season three of True Blood - all of which I have seen before but I like to re-watch seasons before I start a new one! Jason Stackhouse - Ohhhhh, Lord. I'm also still loving Teen Mom - which is really unlike me because I hate 'reality TV' but I just love coming home from work on a Wednesday, getting under a blanket and watching my favourite mums! 

Looking forward to // Ooooo, I have so much planned this much! This weekend will be a quiet one spent with the Bear. I have a BBQ weekend at a friend's planned, a weekend at Clumber Park (a field/park/wood area near us) then the weekend after is nothing... OH WAIT I'M GOING ON HOLIDAY. Yes, August is the month I get onto a plane and jet off to Menorca for a week! I am way too excited and I really, really need the break! 

My mission for this month is to take more pictures.. again! And tweet more!
What are your currents?

- Charli, xo


  1. I'm currently reading City Of Ashes, but I also love Cassandra Clare's Infernal Devices series! I need to finish City of Ashes soon as I really wanna get a hold of the whole series! x

  2. I loooooove Infernal Devices! Will is just.. Ah.
    There's actually a new series coming out, it's about the Fair Folk!


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