Monday, 14 April 2014

An Update

Hello my little munchkins;

It's been a while since my last 'life-related' post and so I thought I'd spend today giving you an update into whats happening in my not-so-exciting life. I say not-so-exciting but actually, a lot has happened recently that I haven't bothered sharing with you and we all know sharing is caring, right? So let's get started. 

I mentioned a few posts back that I was having my driving test, which I was so nervous about, especially when I got to the test centre and realised I'd forgotten my glasses. Excellent. Anyway, you'll be pleased to know (or concerned) that I passed! With only 3 minors! It's honestly one of the most amazing feelings I have ever experienced, knowing that I've finally done it and I'm allowed on the roads unassisted! I have never been so proud of myself! So that's one bit of news that I forgot to mention.

Moving on and moving in. Oh I'm so punny. Yes, me and Bear have moved in together. He (finally) asked me on my birthday by writing 'Will you move in with me?' in my birthday card, followed by a drawing of a key and a caption next to it stating 'This is not a real key.' It was adorable really. I practically lived with him anyway but I had no stuff at his house and I spent a few nights a week at home with my parents. But now we've brought furniture together, decorated together and made plans for a bigger house together. It's all very grown up and sometimes a bit scary but I love being with him all the time and not having to live out of a bag!

A month or two ago I decided to spend a few weeks with no money and paid my Topshop card off. I've been paying the card off pretty much since I opened it, around 3 years ago. I then went to London and maxed it out pretty much and have been paying it back bit by bit ever since. Then I'd get close to it being gone and I'd spend on it again. So, being the new grown up me that I am, I rang up, paid it off and cut it up. Gone, gone, gone are the worries of getting to the end of the month and thinking 'shit, I haven't paid any card off'. So another thing I'm proud of! Now I just have my credit card to worry about...

Final bit of news, that isn't really news, more of a plan. Today begins the 4 weeks of hell. I have 4 weeks of University left and a hell of a lot of work that I have left till the last minute, will I ever learn? Obviously not. So I want to use this post to just let you guys know that I might not be on top of my posts for the next few weeks. I have plenty scheduled, but just in case I run out and don't have time to post more for a few days, then I apologise! But after this 4 weeks, I am aaaallll yours. So please bear with me, I will try my best! 

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So there you have an update into my not-so-a-little-bit-exciting life. I hope I didn't bore you too much! See you on Wednesday! 

What have you been up to lately?
- Charli, xo


  1. Congratulations on passing your driving test & on moving in to your new home! :) I wish you all the best for your last 4 weeks at university. It will be a lot of hard work but you'll feel amazing when it's all over trust me! xo

    1. I know, I can almost see the finishing line! So close, yet so far! Haha, thanks for the positive comments :)

  2. You've done so well Charli! You can make it through these next 4 weeks!!!! ;D!!!

    Sian | Siân Marie Beauty

    1. I'm gonna work hard these next 4 weeks! And we can have another (cheaper) Meadowhall trip!

  3. I feel like a proud mum! Can't believe how much you've done already this year and soon you'll have graduated as well! So proud! Love you xxx

    1. Haha, well you are old enough ;) not really, pahaha. I'm a grown up now!!
      Love you too! x


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