Wednesday, 19 February 2014

The London Haul

As you may know, I went to London over the weekend for a nice break with the Bear. Obviously you can't go to London without taking a trip down Oxford street, so here's a look at the damage I did to my bank card :)

(The most irritating thing when the picture bar stops coming up so I can't make this large, if anyone has a solution for this, please let me know in the comments as it always happens to me!)
I've been wanting some new Vans for ages so we took a trip into Schuh and I came out with some Fred Perry's. I didn't take a picture because, I'm lazy, but they're just plain black and I love them :) They're really cute. I then decided to wear them to the zoo on Sunday, that was what some people would say, a STUPID idea as my feet were ripped to shreds, to the point of me crying in the middle of the zoo, telling Bear I couldn't go on and that he should go without me.
3 new books. That's 12 books sat on my shelf at Bear's waiting to be read now. He tried so hard to avoid letting me in Waterstones, the poor boy, but in I went, with the intention of spending no more money (it was the last shop we went in) and came out with not 1, but 3 new books.
MAKE-UP. How could I resist. So I went to Selfridges and brought two new MAC lipsticks. I wanted Snob, to replace my other that went missing :( but then I saw Saint Germain, which I have in the lip glass, and decided I liked it better. Then I saw the new RiRi AND that the whole cost of the lipstick went towards an AIDS charity so that was my justification for buying those. I also brought a purple (I have never worn purple lipstick in my life) Topshop lipstick. I've never tried their cosmetics, other than nail varnish, so we'll see if this is any good! Also from Topshop I brought a lipgloss? I think it's classed as a creme, but never mind, in Cruel. Which again, is purple. What is wrong with me?!
Also from Selfridges, I saw the Ciate flower manicure that I have been lusting after for about a month now and obviously, to Bear's dismay, I had to have it. I will be doing a review on this when I can be bothered to take the time to do my nails nicely, so keep your eyes peeled.
So nuggets, as you can see, I'm an impulse buying, I have an extremely addictive personality, lipstick, nail stuff and books, and I feel sorry for my man who's house is now full of my shit. That's what you get for letting me loose on Oxford Street! Lesson learnt, eh?!
- Charli, xo


  1. I am defiantly trying out Cruel! ;D


    1. Haha, I've tried it on, I'm not a massive lipgloss fan but it's alright I guess :P

  2. I love these buys, I'm having shopping withdrawal. I must say that Divergent is an absolutely amazing book!
    Eden from edenroses xx

    1. I'm gonna read that one last cause I know it's a trilogy and I'll have to read all 3 after each other :P xxx


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