Monday, 13 January 2014

My Life in Profile Pictures

Hello my sweetums;

Boy, have I got a treat for you today. I was reading Miss Budget Beauty about an hour ago and saw her 'My Life in Profile Pictures' post. Now I rarely, if ever, post pictures of myself as I don't think you need to see my fugly mug. ALAS. Now you have 60 shots of me! I do use FB - Not as much as I used to and so I've just gone through and here are almost all of them, I couldn't fit every single one on. You have a mixture of selfies, drunk nights out, me and the bear and me and some friends. The fit blonde girl that pops up in a few is no other than Sian-Marie as we've been friends forever. 

Anyway - I hope you enjoy this little beast! I thought it would be a nice change to the usual blah :) 

I tag; Sian, Bicky & Claire

If you decide to take part, let me know in the comments! I'd love to see your faces!

- Charli, xo

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