Monday, 21 October 2013

lush - world peice.

So the first Lush product I decided to use was a rather large bath bomb - World Peice. It's not a Christmas product, I didn't want to scare you with the C word straight away, but it is however, a new bomb.
Lush say;
Relax in an oasis of calm as your bath water turns a serene, azure-turquoise and the fresh, sweet scent of peppermint and uplifting tangerine oils envelop you. This is your very own Piece of peace, so take a moment to stop and think. Who will you make peace with?
I say;
I was actually really looking forward to trying this bomb out as I've never tried a mint bath product. I was pleasently surprised at how big the bomb was, which is always a plus! But apart from that, if I'm being brutally honest, it wasn't anything amazing. Granted, the colour was nice but eventually my bath just turned a boring green colour. It didn't even smell that minty. It also leaves a horrible pee coloured stain around the rim of your bath, ew!

(Kasper popped up to say hello!)
I won't be buying this bomb again, it was just a bit boring for Lush I think, I was disappointed. Hopefully the rest of my products will be better! Keep your eyes peeled for some Christmas goodies.
Have you ever used this bomb? What did you think?
- Charli, xo

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