Sunday, 9 October 2016


It's Sunday and the last few days have been heaven. I am now wrapped up in my dressing gown, headphones in singing along to anything I can find, scrolling through Bloglovin for some inspiration. I feel incredibly content.

- Goose Fair. Dinky donuts with Nutella, too many spins on the Waltzers and getting thrown around by a mechanical bull. This Saturday, Luke and I, along with some friends, took a trip into Nottingham and had an evening at the fair. Once we decided we'd had enough of being thrown about on ridiculous sized rides, we walked into town and had quiet time at The Dice Cup, a board game cafĂ© where we all got grumpy when we didn't win.

- Birthdays. A family meal for Granny's 85th saw me laughing more than I have in months. Sunday was spent watching a blonde haired princess prance about singing 'Baby Alba, Baby Alba' and blowing out her 3 birthday candles. It feels amazing to be a part of this family.

- A week of quiet. I now have a whole week off and it is so amazing to finally have some me time, after a few very stressful months of work. I have a few plans, but mostly the week will be spent sitting in my pants binge-watching Now TV and Netflix.

- Dark evenings. I feel like all I want to do lately is put on my pajamas, light all my candles, sit under my blanket and read until I fall asleep. I love it when the days get shorter and the world becomes a little more crispy.

What will the next week bring?

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