Sunday, 15 February 2015

You must learn to let go.

I am a massive worrier. I stress about everything and sometimes suffer with anxiety, which seems to get worse as I get older. After having a couple of really bad 'anxious' months towards the end of last year, it seems I am finally getting a grip. As I seem more calm lately, I really wanted to share my ideas of how to relax, especially if you're feeling worried or stressed. 


This is something that really works for me, I live by plans and lists. Having a schedule that I keep to is a huge stress reducer. Knowing what I'm doing and when I'm supposed to be doing it takes away a lot of the worry and anxiety from social events for me because I have taken the time to think about it. 

Take a time out

This could be watching your favourite TV show, going for a run, shutting yourself in a dark room (if that's what you're into). For me, it's running a bath with too many bubbles and settling down with a good book. I dedicated Monday nights to 'me-time' and really feel that it sets me up for the week ahead. 

Learn something new

I have recently been teaching myself to cook - and have learnt that I'm pretty damn good at it! Having something to stimulate your brain is essential. It could be anything; a new language, learning to dance or a new sport. It's inspiring and motivating and can boost your confidence insane amounts. 

Eat well

I don't mean dieting, I mean eating good food. Since Stuart and I ditched the frozen crap and started teaching ourselves to cook fresh, I feel incredible. I have noticed a difference in my skin, my attitude, my mood, my sleeping pattern. It is unbelievable how much your diet affects your whole life.

Let it go

Just let it go. It really is that simple. I recently read a quote by a man named Ajahn Chah; There will never be a time when life is simple. There will always be time to practice accepting that. Every moment is a chance to let go and feel peaceful.

And it is. It is so peaceful.


  1. Love this post Charli! I think it's one of my favourite of yours to date :) I'm also a very anxious person and find doing the same sort of things as you really helps. xo

  2. Oh Charl what a beautiful post, I always suffer from over-worrying it's settled down so much since starting working (it's given me such a confidence boost) but from time to time I find myself getting back into my old ways...maybe I need to take inspiration from this, I'm thinking a bit of me-time would be perfect!

    Sarah xo || Time To See The Stars ||


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