Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Hello December

Reading // Atlantia by Ally Condie. This is definitely a YA (young adult) book but I've really enjoyed it. I'm right at the end now, so by the time this post goes up, I may have finished it. Can you imagine living in an underwater world? That's what drew me in and I've actually not been able to put it down. I've also read a couple of other Ally Condie books and even though I think her style of writing is very similar in each book, I've enjoyed every one.

Listening to // I can't stop listening to Taylor Swift's album '1989' and also the new One Direction album 'Four'. Both are constantly being played in my house, through my headphones, through the car speakers, you name it. My favourite Taylor Swift number is 'Wildest Dreams' at the moment and off the 1D album, probably 'Night Changes'.

Thinking about // Christmas, of course! Who isn't?! I literally count down the days, hours, seconds as soon as 1st December hits. It's such an amazing, beautiful time of year and I love all the festivities and spending time with my favourites ones, exchanging gifts and eating way too much food. It makes me so excited for getting my bigger house and finally being able to have a Christmas at my very own home with Stuart.

Loving // I'm loving blogging at the moment - after having a few months weeks off, I've found myself enjoying writing posts again. It's nice to not feel like it's a chore. Now I just write when I feel like it, I don't panic that a post has to go up tomorrow - I don't put pressure on myself to blog. I've also started scheduling a lot more which makes things easier for me!

Watching // The Leftovers, Walking Dead, The Strain. They're my main three at the moment I think, along with Teen Mom 2 (as always) and pretty much anything else that's on the TV. I've turned into such a TV fiend and find myself spending more and more time in front of the big screen. As lazy as it sounds, it's actually helping me. I'm enjoying having a bit of time to myself, not having to think about cleaning, or cooking, or work. It's nice.

Looking forward too // Again, Christmas! I'm also looking forward to NYE this year, it's my 4th anniversary and we never, ever do anything. This year we're going to a 'lock down' at a pub/restaurant near us with a few friends and I'm really, really excited. It should be a really good night and a lovely way to celebrate our 4 years and bring in the 5th.

What are your plans for December?
- Charli, xo


  1. I love this post, I love the style of it!...may have to pitch this off you in the new year hehe.
    My christmas spirit is really high at the moment so I love reading how your excited for it too! and I'm loving the music your listening too!...overall I just love your post hehe.

    Sarah xo || time to see the stars ||

  2. Loved this! Gutted I won't be spending NYE with you though :(!

    Sian | Siân Marie Beauty

  3. Hahah, thank you :) I like doing one of these at the start of every month! I'm loving Christmas at the moment, so festive!

  4. I know :( really wish you were coming! Gutted doesn't cover it!

  5. Taylor and One Direction are my guilty pleasures haaaaa!

    That Fashion Victim x

  6. Haha, they're mine too! I love them :P


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