Friday, 28 November 2014

1989 Tag

When I saw Sian had done this post, I knew I had to do it. I am a huge Taylor Swift fan, I always have been for as long as I can remember. Dancing round my bedroom to her country tunes and wishing I had blonde, curly hair. I definitely would.

1) WELCOME TO NEW YORK - If you could live in any city, which would it be and why?
I'm not sure to be honest, seeing as I've really only lived in one city my whole life. Where would I go? New York? I'm not a huge city fan if I'm being honest, I want to live in the countryside as far away from human beings, just me, Bear and my 18 cats.

2) BLACK SPACE - What is something that everyone thinks is true about you but is actually false?
People seem to think I'm really nice, I'm not. 

3) STYLE - What is one item in your closet that makes you feel unstoppable?
I have a current pair of jeans at the moment which show off my newly found curves. I've been trying for so long to put weight on and when I wear these, I have legs, I have hips and I have a bum. I feel womanly and they give me the little boost I need to feel good about myself.

4) OUT OF THE WOODS - What is one thing you're afraid of?
Not being able to have children.

5) ALL YOU HAD TO DO WAS STAY - Who is someone you wish was still in your life?
I'm lucky enough to have all of my family still around me, but as for others, people walk out of your life for a reason and there is no one that I wish was still here.

6) SHAKE IT OFF - What is something you have had to shake off?
People who don't give a shit - see you later. I have zero time and tolerance for people who have no interest in being a positive part of my life.

7) I WISH YOU WOULD - What is something you'd like to happen right now?
I'd like someone to give me the £10,000 I need for a new house.

8) BAD BLOOD - Has anyone ever stabbed you in the back?
I think there is a point in everybody's life where they have been betrayed by someone they trusted.

9) WILDEST DREAMS - What is something you want to be remembered for?
Being the funniest person they've ever met. Because let's face it, I am.

10) HOW YOU GET THE GIRL - What is your favourite pick up line?
If someone used a pick up line on me, I would probably fart in their drink.

11) THIS LOVE - What is something you got back, that you never thought you would?
Loving and being loved in return. Falling in love and being fallen in love with.

12) I KNOW PLACES - Where is one place you always feel safe?
At home, with my family.

13) CLEAN - What is an important lesson you learnt in life and how did you learn it?
I learnt that you shouldn't surround yourself with people that couldn't care less about you, and I learnt it the hard way.

I tag everyone that is a Swift fan!

- Charli, xo


  1. Lovely to read this. Always so nice to learn more about people. You're really funny!

  2. Great answers :D! You are in fact hilarious!

    Sian | Siân Marie Beauty

  3. I know ;) I definitely need my own TV show!

  4. Thank you :) I really enjoyed doing it!


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