Tuesday, 28 October 2014


I can now say, I have been to my first blogging event and oh, was it an event to remember. I received my email a few weeks back and brought my ticket straight away. No one was given any clue as to what to expect which I guess made it more exciting, but it also made me nervous. I'm really not a people person and even though I've been dreaming of having the chance to attend one of these events, I was genuinely terrified.

So, on Sunday morning, the beautiful Sian and I began our drive to Birmingham. She told me we were meeting 3 other girls before the event and that made my nausea around a trillion times worse. I don't do meeting people well, especially other girls. I'm too sarcastic for most people but I can honestly say, all nervousness was gone the moment I met them. Frankie over at EffStar Beauty, Sarah from time to see the stars. and Hannah from hannerking are three of the most wonderful people I have ever set eyes on and I am genuinely happy I got the chance to meet them all. 

So, we arrived at our Destination. Alfie Bird's in the Custard Factory. Sounds like a right weird place?! Anyway, we were greeted by the beautiful Ray and Tor and were given an (absolutely-full-to-the-birm) goodie bag and told to go up to the next floor. On the next two levels of the venue were a variety of different brands, some of which I had heard of, some of which were completely new to me. So, we began our journey (clearly think I'm some sort of hobbit here) and got to know the brands, got A LOT of freebies and just literally had a wonderful time. I did take some photos, yes they are awful but look guys, it's my first event and even though everyone had their cameras out, I still felt very self-conscious with my shitty little Kodak and so I didn't take that many. I also can't edit photos. At all.

We had talks with every single brand that was there and everyone was so helpful and knew everything about every single product. I don't think there was one question about their products that they wouldn't know. So professional, but seriously friendly and approachable which is exactly what you want in a brand.

No, I didn't get one of these beauties because I took a photo and that got distracted. Probably by something much less important than cupcakes. 

Probably one of my favourite brands at the event was Bee Good, which I have tried before. Everything in their products is natural and they're all for saving bee kind. I will definitely be putting an order in with these guys - oh and we also got a free lip balm. 

They also were giving away these cookies, which tasted like heaven and look adorable. 

Of course, Sian had to get her hair curled by one of the guys at Toni & Guy - it looked so cute!

The goodie bags! So much to carry, I ended up with bruises!

I literally cannot believe how generous MeMeMe were with their goodie bags. Keep your eyes peeled for a giveaway!

I came home with that much stuff, the day after I was in agony from carrying everything round with me. Yes, I am a pussy. I literally cannot believe how many goodies we were given, such a generous variety of brands and I feel so lucky! I will be wading my way through this lot and have decided to use some of the MeMeMe products I received to host a giveaway once I reach 200 followers, so keep your eyes peeled :) 

All in all, it was an amazing day, especially for my first ever event. It's motivated me to work on my blog more, to get more involved with other peoples and to make some new friends - because there is nothing that makes blogging better than having someone to share it with.

Thank you to Tor and Ray who held the event, even though I only saw you once or twice, it was such a lovely day and so worth the nervous nausea! 

- Charli, xo 


  1. So glad you went with me, it was such a lovely day :) Loved reading this post :D!

    Sian | Siân Marie Beauty

  2. It was an amazing afternoon wasn't it. We were very lucky in the amount of different products we received.


  3. It was such a nice day, thank you for persuading me to go!

  4. We really were :) such a huge variety!

  5. I love Sian she's so lovely :) She made me feel so welcome and like I belonged at the event we met at! Looks like an amazing event and WOW those goodie bags how lucky! x

  6. She is lovely :) it was such a nice day, met some really lovely people, including yourself!

  7. I love your post! And I LOVED meeting you!! As if we were both so nervous about meeting everyone, was such a good day though :D

    Sarah || time to see the stars ||

  8. Why thank ya ;) and I know! It was genuinely awesome to meet you <3
    I hope we can get together again at some point!


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