Thursday, 16 October 2014

Beauty Protector | Protect & Oil

Beauty Protector is one of my favourite brands that I discovered via Birchbox. They're exclusive to the beauty box company and I've loved every single product I've tried. One of my all time favourites is the Beauty Protector - Protect and Oil. I usually steer clear of oils for your hair as my hair tends to get greasy soo quickly, however, after deciding to take more care of my locks, I thought I'd try this out. This is only a sample size but I'd still say you get around 10 uses out of it - a full bottle is £16 which I would definitely pay (and that's saying something 'cause I am one tight ass).

I use literally one or two drops of this on the ends of my hair before drying. I get split ends really quickly - like a week after getting a trim - so I thought this might improve that. Firstly; this smells amazing. I'm not joking, it smells incredible. It says you can use it on your roots but as I said, greasy hair = roots are a no go, so I just rub it into my fingers and run it though the ends of my hair.

It's also not as runny and thin as I thought, it has a gel like consistency which I love because it means less mess and less product waste. After slapping it on, I blow-dry my hair and the end result is my split ends are still there - but they feel so, so soft and they smell amazing. It feels like the ends of my hair have sucked in all the moisture and sighed a sigh of relief. Oh, and that incredible scent I mentioned? It lingers. Oh yeah. I smell gooooood after using this.

I'll definitely be purchasing the full size of this from the Birchbox website once I have used this sample up.

Have you tried a hair oil? What did you think?
- Charli, xo


  1. Tempting- constantly dying my hair and using straighteners means this could definitely be useful for me!

  2. You should give it a go, Alex :) it's awesome!


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