Tuesday, 30 September 2014

September Favourites

My first ever 'favourites' post! I must be getting good at blogging to be doing something like this. I decided to jump on the 'favourites' bandwagon as I realised I do actually have a few products that I am loving lately and obviously I need to tell you all about it. Let's get on with it. 

First up we have Garnier's Micellar Water (which I reviewed here). I use this every morning and every evening before bed. I'm a make-up wipe user (soz, guys) so after I've smeared one of those all over my face, I then slap some of this on a cotton pad and give my face a nice wipe. It's not harsh on my skin like some cleansers I've used and it's brilliant value for money at £4.99 and 400ml. I've had this at least 2 months and it's still half full.

Soap and Glory Archery Brow Tint and Pencil and Soap and Glory Supercat Eyeliner Pen are both firm favourites and I use them daily - literally everyday. I'm rubbish with eyebrows (I've almost only got one at the moment, I'm due a good wax) so I usually just colour mine in a bit with the pencil end on this as I've used the pen side up. Then out comes Supercat which is the best liquid liner I've used (bold statement, I know) so far. It's so easy to use and I'm getting better and better at the perfect winged look! 

I couldn't do a favourites post and not include my new Glam Glow YouthMud Mask. I love this. I use it once a week and it leaves my skin feeling SO soft, it's unreal. I do have a review coming out on this soon, so keep your eyes peeled. I will say no more! 

A recent purchase of mine was the Sleek Pink Lemonade Blush Palette. I reviewed this little beauty here. I LOVE this palette. I still haven't plucked up the courage to use the cream blusher but I get a little closer each day! It's has 3 perfect shades and it fits just right in my make-up bag so I can blush up on the go. I'm also currently eyeing up it's sister the Californ.I.A Palette cause I obviously just need the whole collection. 

Last up we have the Lip Smacker Coca Cola Vanilla lip balm which again, I have reviewed here. I promise that was the last cheeky plug of this post! I love this and it feels amazing on my lips and leaves them feeling all smooth and soft (which is good as I get dry, peely, gross lips at this time of year) (in fact, all year). The Premae Mild Dermabrasion Face and Body Scrub has worked it's way into my shower routine. I only use it on my face though, as it's only a small tub, but it should last me loads more showers! It has just the right amount of 'scrub' in it for my face and it leaves my skin feeling smooth and ready for a little face mask action.

And there you have it, my first every 'favourites' post, what did you guys think? 

- Charli, xo


  1. What a great variations of favourites! Can't wait to see your GlamGlow review :)

    Sian | Siân Marie Beauty

  2. I looked for the Sleek blush palette in Superdrug the other day and it was sold out :( might have a look and see if it's in the Meadow Hall one this weekend! Great favourites post lovely! xo

  3. Thank you :) I think my photos are getting better too!

  4. I can't even remember where I got mine from if I'm honest! I think it was MeadowHall...

  5. I have never done a favourites post either for some reason..! But I am glad you're also on the Archery & Supercat bandwagon!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  6. I love them both, I use them everyday! I think I need a new Supercat though, it's just about to run out - after months!


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