Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Superdrug Dead Sea Mud Mask

I am a Boots girl, through and through. But seeing as I work right next to a Superdrug, I have become a little more than addicted to the drugstore. I waltzed in a few weeks ago, as usual with intention of buying nothing, and came out with a horde of products. My skin has been so, so bad so I've come into the habit of buying way too many skincare saviours to keep up with. One of these, is Superdrugs own bran Dead Sea Mud Mask. 

(I did have my own picture but I've lost my camera)

Hmm, where to begin with this product? First off, what do Superdrug say?

This Detoxifying Mud Mask contains ultra-purifying Dead Sea Mud, which effectively unclogs pores and draws out dirt, oil and impurities, leaving skin feeling soft and revitalised.Dermatologically approved.

So before I get on to the negatives, this does actually work. My skin after using it (I've used it 3 times in total) was baby soft and it did a good job of clearing a few spots as well. And if it wasn't for what I'm about to state, I'd recommend it hands down. But let me tell you this, my little blogger buddies, it burns. It burns like hell. I googled this problem and it seems a few other people have noticed a 'stinging sensation'. It doesn't sting. It freakin' burns. The first two times I used it, I stuck with it and eventually after around 7 minutes (so precise, I am) it began to wear off. However, on my third and final use, I genuinely thought it had burnt the top layer of my skin off. 

I was in a hot bath (which more than likely didn't help the situation) and slapped in on, left it for 15 minutes as it says and as I had before, then I gently took it off with a flannel. I was then being vain and sending snap-chats to my imaginary friends when I thought.. Erm why is my face so red? I kid you not, it was like someone had painted my face, around exactly where the facemask had been. I'm known to exaggerate, but I promise I'm telling the truth! The whole truth and nothing but the truth! I was genuinely scared and thought I'd burnt my face. It took well over an hour for my face to return to normal and it was enough to put me off using this again. 

So whilst the product does actually work, I won't be using it again for fear of setting my head alight. It may have just been my skin reacting badly, so don't take this as me saying it will happen to you, because it might not. At £2.59 it's a bloody bargain and I really do wish I could continue to use it.

Have you used this? Did it set your face on fire?
Let me know!

- Charli, xo


  1. hahahahaa, set your head alight. You are funny!

    You need to try the Soap and Glory one next!!


    1. That's my plan :) just waiting for payday! Or London!

  2. Good to know, I was going to try this.

    1. It does work, I just don't wanna have to use a fire extinguisher for good results lol!


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