Monday, 10 February 2014

Motivational Monday

Aup babz;

It's Monday. We're all feeling the pain. I feel the pain everyday lately but especially on a Monday! So I thought I'd give you all a bit of motivation, carrying on with my blog positivity lately! 

I recently spoke to Hannah from hbbeautyblog about her 'My Perfect Imperfections Tag' post as she spoke about putting weight on from when she used to be 'ridiculously tiny' (her words not mine!). I am really, really slim. I don't think I'm underweight but I also don't feel like I'm the right weight. I come from a slim family so it's in my genes but I also have a really poor diet and find it insanely hard to even put a pound on. So as well as being tiny, I'm constantly exhausted, I have bad skin, I'm a right grumpy bitch most of the time so I thought it was about time I sorted myself out. I've attempted this several times before and because I haven't seen a difference after a week, I've given up.

It really pisses me off when people say things like 'OMG YOU'RE SO SLIM, I WANT TO BE YOU, DO YOU EVEN EAT?! I WISH I COULD EAT ALL THAT AND NEVER PUT A POUND ON.' Uhm, no you don't lassie. I'd kill for some boobs and a bum and just some actual curves rather than looking like a twiglet. Why is there not a Weight Watchers for people that want to put weight on?! I'd be straight there! Gimme the food!

After my talk with Hannah I realised that I'm probably not going to notice a difference weight wise for months, but what I will notice is being not as tired and having more energy, maybe being a little less miserable and I think this is probably going to better than piling on the pounds. I just feel like, if I can stick to this finally, I can stick to anything! And so, I've decided to blog about it. What better than a bit of blogger motivation! And lately you guys have been so lovely and I really want to share this with you! 

So the last few days I've been forcing myself out of bed (trust me, not the easiest thing on a cold, wet morning) and making sure I have breakfast every morning as a starting point. I've also started trying to drink more, I know this won't make me put weight on, duh, but it will hopefully clear my tired, spotty, dry, oily skin and make me feel less, bleugh. So those are my first two steps. Oh! And I start training for Race For Life in March, so I need to get myself healthy!

I'd really like to know whether you guys are interested in seeing my progress? Please let me know in the comments!

- Charli, xo


  1. Keep it up chum :D


  2. I'm with you girl! I'd love for some curves and boobs! Even more so now my daughter is getting a killer body! I've just been told that I'm a 'normal' weight whatever that is, but it's taken me years to even start putting it on. I agree those comments aren't helpful and breakfast is the hardest to eat! Good on you, it's not going to be easy but you can do it :) x

    1. Thank you hun :) I've had 3 meals a day, every day for a week tomorrow. Which I know is only a week but I'm already feeling the benefits!

    2. Well done! You're doing so much better than me, even when I'm eating well I usually only have two - this last week I've hardly eaten at all. I must get back on track! A week is a big achievement :)


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