Monday, 24 February 2014

Favourite Folk - February Edition

It's that time of month again, my little sunflowers, it's time for my Favourite Folk! This month I've really been getting involved with the #bblogger chats on Twitter on a Sunday night and I've met a few rather lovely people who have some rather lovely blogs. So here you go;

Yes, she's back, again. I genuinely read her blog posts before I read anyone elses. This may be because she's my soulmate, but it's also because I am literally in love with her blog. We're constantly talking about what posts we're thinking of doing, discussing new blogs we've found and every time she gets a new follower, I may be ever so (very) jealous, but it makes me even more proud of her and her little Internet space.

I stumbled across this literally beautiful lady in the #bbloggers chat a few weeks ago, and I've been hooked on her blog ever since. There is one thing that drives me insane though, she looks bloody fantastic in everything. Every lipstick, every eyeshadow, every piece of clothing, every picture. Definitely slightly in love with this girl. Check her out, her blog is awesome and she's hot. 

Love this blog! And her addiction to Yankee Candles makes me squirm with delight. This little lady blogs about pretty much everything, home, lifestyle, beauty of course. I always look forward to reading her posts, and I want to buy pretty much everything she posts about. I also LOVE the name she's chosen, Lemonaid Lies, who would think of that?! I love it!

I met this girl, again, during a #bbloggers chat and I've come to adore her. She's helped me with my 'eating issues' (if you've read my Motivational Monday post, you'll know what that means) and I think she's just a darling. Oh, darling. Her blog is bloody awesome and I wish she posted everyday! Such a genuine girl and she is definitely worth a read!

And there we have it, any blog recommendations for me?!

- Charli, xo


  1. Such a cute post! Love ya to bits


    1. Why thank you :) we both know you'll be in this every month ;)

  2. Omg yay this is amazing! Love youuuuu xxxx

  3. Your blog is amazing :D looks so nice
    if you wouldn't mind checking my blog :)

  4. Awww your so sweet! Thanks so much :))

    Hannah x


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