Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Favourite Folk - January Edition

Ayup pancakes!

It's that time of month, I actually love doing this post! January has been a seriously slow (and cold) month, pay day where are you?! So to pass the time I have followed so many blogs this month, that it's been seriously difficult to pick my favourites! I've only picked 4, because otherwise I'd of been rambling forever and none of us want or need that. This will be a monthly feature from now on, I'm pretty sure I kept missing months last year, but I will make an effort now! 

I found this pretty lady after she began following me on Twitter. I nipped on to her blog to have a quick peak and ended up on there for about an hour. Her blog is real easy-reading, which is good for someone with a short attention span, (not me, okay me) and I love the way she writes! She also ALWAYS has literally beautiful nails. Being a nail varnish addict, this is NOT good for me seeing as I just want to buy every single nail varnish she uses. You seriously need to check this girl out.

Bit of a lifestyle blog for you here. This girl is hilarious. I love her recent post 'Blogging Bites' where she talks about the times when her writing has gotten her into trouble. I have yet to experience this, but I'm sure I will once more people are reading my babble! Autumn (what a name, swooooon) seems so down to Earth and I look forward to her quirky little posts!

She's back again guys. Our Sian is probably going to be featured on every Favourite Folk edition because I just love her so much. She'll text me saying 'DONE A NEW POST' but won't tell me what it is, or what it's about, or when she's gonna post it. This leads me to constantly refreshing Bloglovin' cause I'm just so desperate to see what she's typed about. I can see her little space on the internet turning into quite a large space! CHECK HER OUT. Oh, she's also my BFF.

Lily Melrose. Definitely fancy this lady. She has two blogs, but this is her fashion based one. I've also subscribed to her YouTube channel, you can do that HERE. I'm not going to lie to you, I definitely did go and buy a shed load of stuff from New Look after I'd watched her New Look Haul video. The fact that she's just posted a TopShop Haul video, is ruining me. I adore her style and seeing how gorgeous she looks in bloody everything, makes me want to get up and make myself look presentable, rather than fannying round Uni in a hoody and leggings. One downside; she's too damn pretty.

Do you recommend any blogs?

- Charli, xo

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  1. I don't know if I have told you lately. But I right love you :)



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