Friday, 6 December 2013

Favourite Folk - December Edition

Last month as part of BEDN (Blog Every Day in November) I posted Favourite Folk, talking about my favourite blogs at the time. I've decided to make this a permanent feature that will be posted at the start of every month, featuring blogs that I was loving in the previous month. Does that make sense? No? Never mind. You'll catch up. Anyway, let's crack on;

Miss Budget Beauty

Why do I love this lady? Because it's budget beauty and I am on, you guessed it, a budget. She reviews a lot of MUA and Seventeen which are both upcoming brands that are quickly making a name for themselves. She's also posted quite a few Christmas Gift Guides which have been EXTREMELY helpful seeing as I'm rubbish at buying presents. I also subscribed to her YouTube channel so I can gaze at her pretty face, which you can find here; YouTube!


Now this is a weird one, I understand it isn't beauty related whatsoever. But I did point out that I would sometimes be posting animal related thingys and I think it's nice to spice things up abit! I love BengalCatWorld and I love that it's written as if it is Spot himself speaking. Also; having a stumpy little Bengal myself, I love reading about what other peoples kitties get up to. This month the blog is doing a World Advent Calender where they're investing different 'cat' quotes and sayings. Whether you find that interesting or not is entirely your choice, but I love it! Go have a read.

Student Life (The Diary of a NotSo Secret) Poor Girl

I have fallen in love with this blog! Being a student myself it's awesome knowing that someone else is going through what I am, and writing about it. Sharing tips, sharing thoughts, I just love it. The way Hannah writes shows off her bubbly, HILARIOUS personality and I love reading her posts. She writes a lot about becoming an adult which is something I love to read as I'm pretty much one foot into the world of adulthood and her little posts give me a nice lift when I'm feeling like I'm the only person struggling in the world. 

Life is Worth the Fight

I have a friend going through a very similar situation to Stacie; who is weirdly called Stacey! This is actually a really emotional blog where she talks about her illness openly which I think is such a brave thing to write about. She is currently waiting for a heart and lung transplant and writes about her false alarms and the ups and downs of living with her condition. I think she is an amazingly brave person to go what she is going through and still come out smiling and living her life and I constantly look forward to her inspiring posts. 

Somewhere Beyond the Sea

During #BEDN I met a lovely woman who goes by the name of Claire. She is all the kinds of woman I want to be. She has travelled pretty much everywhere and reading her blog makes me want to constantly globe trot. My favourite post of hers is the beautiful story of how she fell in love with her partner. I love her blog because it's different, it's inspiring, it's magical. The places she has been make me want to jump in her backpack and go along with her to the next one. You definitely need to check her out if travelling the world is your idea of heaven. 

Okay guys, so those are my 5 favourite folk from November. Only one beauty related which is quite strange for me, but as we know, there is more to life than make-up. I really think you should give all 5 a read as they're all completely different and I love them all for different reasons.

Thanks for reading guys.
Any new blog suggestions for me to have a look at?!

- Charli, xo


  1. Bugger didn't make the cut this Month!

    1. You'll have to check back next month Mrs ;)

  2. Thanks for the lovely words Charlotte.
    Claire xx

    1. You're very welcome :) thank you for mentioning me in your post!


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