Friday, 11 October 2013

fragrance friday; vera wang - princess night.

Hello there, pretties!
This is my first Fragrance Friday and oh, I have picked a beauty for you.
Vera Wang - Princess Night
This is the packaging, I no longer have mine as this is one of my oldies.

This is my beautiful, pretty much empty bottle.

This was a limited edition Vera Wang so I'm not sure whether it's still in the shops, my boyfriend brought me this for Valentines Day from Debenhams and it was pretty much gone after a month or so. But I kept the bottle because I think it's gorgeous! I'll be looking online soon to see whether I can find myself another bottle, I miss smelling this nice!

I've read that it is supposed to smell like flowers and woody tones. No. There is nothing wood-like about this. And I don't think it smells very flowery either. To me, it smells fruity and has a strong hint of vanilla. I'm a big lover of vanilla type smells, probably my favourite whiff! It's a very soft and sweet smell and the staying power is excellent, it lasts pretty much all day.

If sweet and sexy is your style then I'd opt for this, (if you can find it). I love the Vera Wang perfume range and this is my all time favourite.

I think it cost me (my boyfriend) around £30/£40 so not TOO expensive in the perfume world.

Have any of you tried this scent? Let me know!

- Charli, xo

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