Monday, 2 January 2017

Goodbye, 2016.

So, that's it! Goodbye, 2016 and hello, 2017. Here comes the cliche; I can't believe this year is over. I'm sure we say this at the end of every December, but it has gone insanely quick. The last twelve months have been wonderful and I can confidently say, it has been my best year to date.

Let's recap;

- I let myself fall in love, something I didn't think I would want or be able to do for a long, long time.

- I started eating again and I put on two stone. Now I have an ass on par with Jennifer Lopez, just with a little more cellulite.

- I spent 5 days at CenterParcs with people I barely knew (that have since become my family) and I loved every second of it, if we ignore the fact that I was plagued with the cold from hell.

- I wore dungarees all Summer long.

- I came off my anti-depressants - sometimes I wonder if this was the right choice, but I'm doing pretty okay without them.

- I went on holiday with my best friend. We slept all day, ate way too many carbs and slept all night.

- I started blogging again. I have no schedule and there is no plan, but I'm writing again and that's all that matters.

- Anxiety has reared it's pretty little head and for most of the year, I feel like I've been fighting a constant battle but as exhausting as it is, I'm winning the fight.

- I had my first abroad holiday with my boyfriend. I spent the whole week on edge but it was amazing to have some one on one time with him and his pink swim shorts. I also ate a lot of carbs.

- I changed my hair.

- I bought a beautiful swimsuit and found the confidence to wear it and do you know what? I looked damn good in it.

- I spent New Year with my favourite person and it was pretty lovely.

I'd like to spend the next twelve months a little more carefree, a few less worries and a whole lot of happiness.
Hello, 2017. I hope you're as amazing and sassy as you're younger sister.

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